Pregnancy Blues Anyone

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Sarah Anne - April 12

I am 14 wks and all of a sudden I am depressed for no reason! Everything makes me want to cry here lately! Often I feel really happy inside, but it doesn't last long!!! How do I deal with this? I am moody, depressed, happy, and totally confused!


mandy~ - April 12

i think its normal, i guess not all women experiance it but i did and alot of other women i know, i remember feeling snapy, depressed and would want to cry for no reson at about 15wks but it didnt last for long, sometimes now at 24wks i get a lil depressed but i think its all the hormones and changes. hope this helps, when i felt like that i just went aside and take a couple of breaths there isnt much that does work!.


Kay - April 13

I have the "pregnancy blues" all the time!! This is my second pregnancy, so its a little worse than my first! I cry even when I spill something on me!!!


NM - April 13

I am starting to get them...


** - April 14

yes! I have them now, and I am only 12 weeks! I feel fat even though I dont look it!


s - April 15

Lord yes, my poor husband. I will be perfectly okay and then I am crying, regardless of where I am. We were at the grocery store and I just started crying. My sister in law, said I need to talk to my doc. I think it is just hormones because, I feel fine and have no unusual thoughts.


Phoebe - April 16

Hummm... depression or psychosis.... I haven't been depressed, just angry and hostile. Stupid people at work are making me more angrier than usual. At home it's easy because I don't have to deal with anyone, but at work... Man... I just want to curse everyone out, or beat them into a pulp. I have zero tolerance... these days.


SC - April 16

Oh yeah!!! I dont have them all the time, but sometimes! Today I cryed because one of my plants had died. I felt so stupid, but I couldnt help it!!! I feel better now, though -lol. :)


Kay - April 16

You know that game show the contender i cry when one of them loses and the one that loses ends up crying ....... * feels very stupid*


lol - April 17

lol yeah I get this sense of joy inside and I am really happy and then the next mintue I am moody!!! Everyone is like "watch out for miss grumpy" lol. that made me cry once when someone said that, but I laugh about it now because its so true! good luck everyone. and as you girls can probably tell, im in my happy mood right now, lol.


Peg - June 9

i am depressed as i type. always am it seems. if anyone has a bad case of pregnany blues, its me.



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