Pregnancy Brain Here S A Good One

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sami - November 3

i made an appointment at an auto repair shop to have some things fixed on my car. but i dropped off the car at a different repair shop last night. ahhhhh what can i say. just laugh! hahahahaha


Jennifer - November 3

I keep losing days somewhere... I could have sworn today was Wednesday!


kj - November 3

I ordered the totally wrong food at McDonalds the other day. Something I didn't even like either - a filet o fish! I was so mad when I got home that I was about to call them for messing up my food. Then I started to think back and realize that it was me and I just ordered the wrong food.....duh. I put my napkin in my gla__s of milk the other day at dinner. My dh thought it was great.


Marlene - November 3

Today at work i spent 5mins looking for a file that was in my hand the whole time!!! I was so embra__sed. And to think I still have 20wks to go!!!


Christi - November 3

I have made a name for myself here at work. I have shown up twice now... without a bra. I constantly forget names... and to do things that are asked of me. Someone asks me a question... I start to answer and then forget what they asked. I start to say something and right in the middle of my sentence I cant remember what I was talking about. Every day my boss says that I am going to have one smart baby because its taking every bit of brain I have. I am the joke of the office... glad someone is


Crystal - November 3

You guys are making me feel so much better knowing I'm not alone...I'm temping jobs right now and have to learn new things at every job~seriously not an easy thing when your pregnant. And names? Forget it. I'll litterally have had the person tell me their name and I go to repeat it and completely forget it. Embarra__sing. Hopefully I won't be seeing these people again!


Rumple - November 3

I went into the men's bathroom at a mall, used it and came to some man using the urinal. He screamed like a girl! I was so embarra__sed


LALondon - November 3

I've always had an excellent memory but since I've been pregnant (now 18 weeks) I've become so forgetful - loosing housekeys, car keys, taking my purse but leaving all money and cards at home, forgetting names etc. However, I met a midwife two weeks ago who suggested I take a supplement - Mumomega for pregnancy (available UK). It contains Omega 3 and 6 oils. She said that the baby is selectively taking the amino acids these are made up of from me and this is making me really tired and forgetful. I've been taking the supplement for about ten days and it is really helping.


karen - November 3

Does anyone get overly-sensitive too? I am normally NOT an emotional person, but I was in Motherhood maternity yeserday and there was no one in the store except the employees. Neither of them said a word to me the whole time I was in there, but then another lady came in and one of them said "Hi, welcome to Motherhood." Then another lady came in and they said the same thing. I was so hurt that they ignored me that I actually started crying when I got in my car. I was so confused why I reacted that way because it's so unlike me to be so sensitive about something so stupid!


Lisa - November 3

I forget almost everything's awful. I do the thing too where I take my purse and leave my wallet sit_tng on the kitchen counter; I forget names and things I told people a few minutes before. It's awful!


Ashley - November 4

I jumble words up, or just plain forget words. We have a clock radio in our bedroom and I couldn't remember the word "clock" the other day - so I said, "Kill the rock band." to my husband. He is still laughing! Even when I think it through before I say it, things come out wrong or just sound funny. *sigh* ;)


Jay - November 4

I told my OB to make sure the "drug doctor" is a good one because I couldn't remember the word anesthesiologist. I'm surprised he didn't pee test me to make sure I wasn't already on drugs. THEN, I sent in a check for my mortgage payment twice because I forgot that I had sent in the first one. I had to transfer money from the savings account to cover the two payments.


B - November 4

OMG Karen that is so funny! I am overly sensitive too. I ordered the valance for the baby's room and I thought it was the most adorable thing I saw. Anyways I was showing it off to coworkers, MIL, SIL, etc. and well I guess they didn't make enough of a fuss because I cryed my eyes out when I got home telling my hubby that no one was excited for the baby. OMG I was such a dork. Now I think its funny and yes everyone is so excited for the baby duh!


jessielouwho - November 5

Yesterday, I spilled 3 drops of coffee on my pants. Literally 3 drops. I cried my eyes out like someone just died!


Amber - November 8

I showed up for my 16 week check-up today, and was told I made the appointment for tomorrow. Wait, now that I think about it, that is something I would do normally, so maybe it isn't the pregnancy brain! But at least now I have something to blame it on! :)


Em - November 8

I'm having problems with words too. The other day I told an author I was sending him a chocolate (instead of contract), and I was talking about the neighbor's crampoline for 10 minutes to my hubby before he couldn't keep a straight face anymore...


Christi - November 8

I need an award for the misery I ahve been putting myself through. I was talking to my boyfriend yesterday about the lion king and the a___lopes (animal) in the movies... insead of saying a___lope... I was saying cantalope... he let me finish my whole story and asked when cantalopes grew legs. Then... at dinner my mother was asking what sides she should prepare for Thanksgiving... I told her that Corn was a good idea because it was my boyfriend's favorite fruit... I got laughed at. Then... to top all that off.... my grandma was sitting at the table talking to us and my mom confessed she had broken 3 vacc_me cleaners in less than one month, I blurted out "Dont let mama borrow anything of yours if it involves sucking"... not thinking how horrible it sounded... everyone laughed at me... including my grandma.



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