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jodie - March 29

Hey ladies. I was wondering if anyone has purchased one of those pregnancy body pillows they sell at babiesrus. I am thinking about buying one and I was wondering if anyone has one? The reveiews seemed pretty good online. Just want to hear some personal stories. My back is aching and doc recomended using pillows. Thanks for the insite!!


JerseyGirl - March 29

Hi Jodie. I'm 29 weeks and have been using a full-length body pillow since about week 15 or 16. It's not the Snoogle or whatever they call it, it's just a regular-shaped bed pillow that's extremely long. While the pillow is really soft and cozy to snuggle with, it doesn't alleviate my lower back pain. The only place it feels good is right under my belly when I'm laying on my side... it prevents my belly from "falling" if that makes sense. I go to bed these days with about 6 pillows, all of different sizes and shapes yet I still have back pain. I wouldn't tell you NOT to buy it, but if you do, don't expect the pain to go away with only that. Good luck!


slackette - March 29

I thought about buying that pillow until I saw that it cost over $50 for a poly filled pillow! I went to bed bath and beyond and just bought a full body pillow for under $10 and I LOVE it. It really has made my "side" sleeping much more comfortable (I am normally a stomach sleeper).


ginger6363 - March 29

hi jodie, I purchased a snoogle b/c I was having a real hard time sleeping. It was pricey but I definitely think it was worth it. You might try slackette's suggestion and start with a full-length body pillow first before you buy an expensive maternity pillow--you never know that might help as much as the more expensive ones...if not, you can move up the more expensive models. :)


jodie - March 29

Thanks ladies!! I always feel better when I tuck a pillow under my belly but it never stays. Thats why I wanted to try the preggo pillow. I think I'll just get it. It's worth a shot. I had this same stupid back pain when I was preg with DS. So I know I basically just have to deal...but any alieviation would be amaizing!! Thanks again!


haryleo - November 23

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow are curved from both sides, which means that you can get main full balance for your body from front as well as back side. A perfect example of u shaped body pillow is “Leachco Back N Belly Chic“. These are perfect for moms, who are habitual of sleeping on their backs. Since, it puts extra pressure on the belly, so doctors recommend using these pillows as it helps you from both sides. In comparison to other maternity pillows, they are relatively large in size and can take extra space on the bed.


Beelost - May 24

With a pollow or without it, a pregnant woman is pregnant, ant that leads to a certain discomfort



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