Pregnancy Success Stories After M C Please Share

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M.B. - October 2

I had a missed m/c at 12 weeks five months ago and am now 12 weeks along in my second pregnancy. My scan is tomorrow and I'm really scared of experiencing a repeat of last time (there was no heartbeat at the 12 week scan). Just wondered if any of you have had a m/c and then a healthy pregnancy afterwards??? I need to hear some encouraging stories to help fight the worry! Thank you.


Hanna - October 2

I am so sorry to hear about your m/c. I had a m/c quite early, at six weeks. Now I am 24 weeks pg. So far things are looking really good and I am very excited, but.. I can't really stop worrying about this pregnancy. But, as each week pa__ses by I feel a little better. Now I can feel my baby move on a daily basis and that helps a lot too. I know quite many women who miscarried and then went on to have beautiful and healthy babies. That gave me a little convidence too. I wish you all the best and I am sure that this time your baby will be fine. Let us know how your scan was, ok?


Amy - October 2

i to m/c early 6wks and i'm now 20wk1d and i got a doppler to ease my mind i check every morning i do feel baby move but not as much as i would like right now good luck:)


hunee - October 2

I had the same thing happen i went for the 12 week scan and there was no heartbeat it also happened to my brothers ex girlfriend. I am now pregnant again i was really nervous going tfor the 12 week scan but everything went fine I am now 25 and a half weeks pregnant and the baby moves all the time I still stress about it now but everyday is a small step but im sure everythiong is alright this time I hope everything goes ok and good luck


Katie - October 2

Hi M.B. I had a m/c in February at 12 weeks as well. I am now 20 weeks and doing well. This is my third pregnancy and it was so nice to have my first baby worry free... i.e. no issues. Once you have a m/c, I think you always worry (especially through the first trimester). You will feel better when you start feeling the baby moving on a daily basis (probably around 20 weeks since it is your first baby). Take one day at a time until then. Prayers and thoughts are with you. Keep us posted...


kendall - October 3

I m/c at 10 1/2 weeks and I'm now 20 weeks and I think I was just about as worried as anyone else. on wed of last week I saw and heard my baby they said that its a girl and I am so excited but i now am not as nervous because the baby is doing very well good luck and keep us updated


Katie - October 3

Hi MB How did your scan go? I am practically in the same situation as you. I had a missed m/c in Jan at 12 weeks, and am 12w3d along now. I go for my 12 week scan on Wednesday, and am so nervous. To complicate matters, my nausea and tiredness disappeared today (actually, I'm feeling great), although my b___sts are still sore. So I'm super paranoid that something will be wrong, as I lost my pg symptoms at 11 1/2 weeks last time. Do you still have pregnancy symptoms? Has anyone else experienced something similar?


M.B. - October 3

Hi everyone. Thank you for all your messages. I am happy to say that my scan went well..YAAAAY :-) I burst into tears when the nurse said there was a heartbeat, it was amazing. The baby was moving around a lot and we could clearly see fingers, toes etc... it was just so fantastic. The hearbeat was at 169bpm, which I have been told is good. My husband and I are over the moon and can't stop looking at the picture we got. Katie, I am sorry to hear about your loss and totally understand the worry and fear you are feeling now. Hopefully it will help you to hear that I have been losing my nausea gradually over the last week and today at 12 weeks I felt the best I have felt. I was cleaning the house and had so much energy. I have also had restless legs really bad for the entire pregnancy but over the last 5 days I have had a few nights were I have slept right through without problems. This made me freak out a lot and made me worry that the loss of my symptoms meant something was wrong. But although my symptoms are almost gone (even my b___bs are less sore) the baby is doing great, and I pray that yours is too.. Also don't forget that it is perfectly normal for your symptoms to be disappearing around the 12-week mark, so try to take one day at a time until your scan and hopefully you will end up just as relieved as me. Thinking of you xx


Amy - October 3

COGRATS it is so great to get from week to week after you have had a loss and i started feeling great at 13weeks so its normal :)


M.B. - October 5

Hi Katie. Is everything ok? Did you have the scan yesterday? I was thinking of you, and really hope you have happy news. All my love xxx


Katie - October 6

Hi MB! Yes I had the scan and evrything is great!!!! It was so amazing to see the little one move, wave its arms and even see 5 perfect little fingers! I also had my first trimester Downs screen (nuchal fold on u/s + bloodwork) and the results came back looking very good, with an extremely low risk of Down's. So yeeeaaa!!! I'm so happy I'm practically bouncing around! Keep me updated how your pregnancy goes; I think our due dates will be more or less the same. My EDD: 14 April 2006. Love Katie


Shona - October 6

Hi MB. I had a m/c in July 04 now im 18 weeks preg. Like you, I am also very nervous and afraid but with every appointment and heartbeat can it gets better. We have an ultrasound appointment on 10/10 hoping for a girl but really don't care as long as he or she is healthy. Wish me luck.


Amy - October 6

M.B. - Hi I had a m/c during my second pregnancy in March. I bled at 6 1/2 weeks (baby was fine), 11 weeks (baby was fine) and then m/c at 12 weeks. It was very hard... I feel for anyone that has to go through this once, much less, multiple times. I had no issues with my first pregnancy (other than the fact my child was born with sever meconium.. which is a whole different nightmare!). Needless to say, I got pregnant again in June - we waited 2 months before trying.. and I am now 20 weeks and everything is looking good. I am actually finally starting to relax a little bit more. However, I did get an early scare with bleeding at 6 1/2 weeks... but all was okay!! Don't give up.. a lot of women have m/c and then healthy babies. I wish you the best of luck!!! xoxoxo


c - October 6

i miscarried twins at 11 weeks in oct. 2003. am now 25 weeks (with a little girl) and everything is absolutely fine. she moves around all the time like she's doing the hokey pokey, so i'm sure that shes okay...good luck, god bless... :)


Lupe - October 6

I am so glad to hear happy success stories! I m/c in Dec and in March, but am now just over 14wks and all looks just fine. Whew! Hugs to all here!


M.B. - October 6

Katie, that's fantastic news. Congratulations. Hope you can relax a little now, I certainly feel a whole lot more optimistic about the future. It's great to finally feel excited about the baby. Before the scan I was so focused on whether I was going to m/c again, I felt ill and the fear was totally overshadowing everything...I wasn't at all allowing myself to think that I'm going to be a mum ;-) x Now that it's sunk in, and the fear has lifted, I'm so happy... Can't wait! My EDD is the 19th of April, so yeah we could pretty much end up giving birth at the same time :-) Thanks to everyone for encouraging stories. It has given me great hope for the future. Shona, good luck with the scan on Monday, wishing you all the best. Love M.B. xxx



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