Pregnant But Used A Condom

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notnow - June 6

Anyone else find themselves pregnant but had used protection? My husband took me off the pill in January. I had insisted that he use a condom ever since. I bought a box weekly with the groceries. Then in March we celebrated my 30th bday. He had a romantic suprise night planned a a b&b but did not pack condoms. I made him go get some. Then I find out in April I'm pregnant. How does this happen after 3 months? I feel so trapped.


sophandbob - June 6

Maybe you shouldn't have let him take you off the pill. Why was that his decision? I am sorry that you feel this way - maybe you need to ask you partner what happened - if he deliberately tampered with them.


JESS1980 - June 6

Hi notnow. I got pregnant while using birth control. My husband and I were completely shocked and totally unprepared. But once we calmed down and stopped freaking out, everything was fine. I am now 29 weeks, and we consider ourselves EXTREMELY blessed! Having this baby has definitely changed our lives in wonderful ways that we could have never imagined at the time. I hope it works out for you too!!! Just focus on the positive aspects of your situation. GOOD LUCK!!!


venus_in_scorpio - June 6

it kind of sounds like he was trying to get you pregnant. how come he gets to tell you whether or not youre on the pill. i'd tell my man to bite me if he started telling me what to do like that but then again im pregnant and b___hy... LOL. Things will work out for you and your famil, give it time. I was not trying to get pregnant either, we used the rhythm method effectively for 6 years but then i slipped on calculating the days... try to stay positive. you will be absolutely amazed when you give birth to something that is a part of you. :o)


HannahBaby - June 6

NOHTING but not having s_x is 100% not the pill, the iud, condoms....NOTHING!! If you have s_x you have to know that pregnancy may happen no matter how careful you are!! Your married to what seems to be a wonderful guy, Did you not ever want children?? 30 Sounds like a wonderful age to have a baby. Good luck and congrats.


notnow - June 7

Being that this is my fourth I know what amazing feeling comes over me when I give birth but I feel no connection right now. I don't have any feelings about wanting to pick nursery stuff etc. In fact before I found out I was in the process of talking to a lawyer about separation. I've asked him if he did something and he denied it. He's thrilled but I hate it.


HannahBaby - June 7

hm, I dont know what to tell ya hon.....


eclipse - June 9

Have you ever considered couples counseling? Maybe he will be more open and help explain his actions and wishes if someone else is listening, since it seems that he isn't being forthright with you on what he wants versus what you want. Just a can take or leave it.


notnow - June 9

He doesn't want to go to counseling. He says he doesn't want anyone knowing his business. Not even our pastor at church.



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