Pregnant Fat

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Caroline - April 18

Hi, I'm 22 weeks pregnant overweight and nobody notices I'm pregnant! They just assume I have put on loads of weight. At the moment I have two "tyres". Will I have eventually get a nice round belly? Anyone with the same issue?


Jbear - April 19

Eventually you'll lose that indentation around your middle and look like you're carrying a beach ball or a watermelon. You're probably used to holding your tummy in, and if you relax it while you're standing, you'll take on more of a pregnant shape. You can also get some maternity clothes that really show that you're pregnant. It's normal to want to look pregnant when you are, too. People are more considerate of pregnant ladies, and why should all the skinny little girls with bellies like basketb___s get all the attention? I guess I'm a little bitter right now...I'm having trouble doing my job now that I'm pregnant, and my mom just told me I should go find another job because no one would be able to tell I was pregnant, just fat.


veronicag - April 29

i have the same problem and i am 23 weeks they say by the third trimester i should be nice and round


PP - April 29

I was over weight as well. Before becoming pregnant I wore between and 18 and a 22. I was very well proportioned though. I am currently 28 weeks and I still wear a 22-24. I have more of a lower belly but a definate waist. I have not lost the tyres you speak of. I am really not showing unless I let it all hang out. I still have very good stomach muscles and I am able to suck her in. I am grumpy about not showing but I have also not gained much weight and I still workout. I was losing weight before I got pregnant so I am trying to stay in shape so afterwards I will have a great jump start on weight loss.


Shanon - April 29

I am also overweight and I have always been hidding my belly - I am 14 weeks and of course I am not showing, but I use maternity clothing and I must say I look so cute in it, even though the belly is all fat! Hehehehe! I have not gained any weight yet!


rae - May 1

Hi, I'm 19 weeks and most people still can't tell. I wear about a 12-14 normally and I'm only 5'1, so I have to fight with my weight always. People keep asking if I'm losing weight??? I have gained two lbs. I wish my tummy looked pg not



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