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mm28 - June 23

Yeah, I always thought that if both babies were head down = v____al birth, any other positions = c-section. I guess in my Ob's experience the 2nd twin frequently has difficulties (i.e. turning into a tough position or going into distress) after the 1st baby has been born, putting the 2nd baby in danger of trauma during birth, so c-section is often the end result anyway. He said 2nd or 3rd time mothers can sometimes do v____al births because they tend to be easier (joints are looser, etc.). He is an older, catholic, conservative man and I can't imagine he would be the type to make this stuff up. They say they will let me go into labor naturally and then do the c-section. In the end I don't really care as long as I have 2 healthy babies, and if the odds are better doing a c-section, I will suck it up and do it :)


Ashley2121 - June 23

I agree! As long as they get here healthy who cares how they have to come out :)


mm28 - June 30

How is everyone doing? This thread has been quiet lately :( We had a scare this weekend when I had a tiny bit of pink spotting for no apparent reason. The nurses rea__sured me that it's probably just from overexertion (all I did was lug around a bunch of grocery bags!) and just to rest as much as possible. I feel like such an invalid! At least the babies seem to be doing well - they are kicking up a storm lately. Hope you all are enjoying your pregnancies!


Ashley2121 - June 30

mm28 - Take it easy and get some rest! Easier said than done, I know. I am doing really good, starting to very faintly get that dark line under your belly b___ton b___ton. Feeling pretty hormonal and whiny today - my hubby thinks it funny. Still waiting for Thursday to get my u/s. This has been the slowest week ever!! LOL


Ashley2121 - July 2

Well its undeniably 2 boys!!! I had some candy before my appt to make sure they were moving around and it worked. They are measuring perfect, my fluid is perfect, cervix is perfect - I am SO SO excited. Dylan James is 11 ounces and Connor Joseph is 10 ounces.


mm28 - July 7

Ashley that is soo exciting - congrats on the boys! I guess our theory of all girls on the November thread has been proved wrong! :) You will have so much fun with them. I was knocked out with a cold all weekend, no July 4th celebrations for me. My in-laws came into town to help us set up the crib, move some furniture, etc. Everything is starting to fall into place and it's feeling much more real now :)


Ashley2121 - July 8

I cant wait to get a nursery together!! My father in law has Parkinsons disease and is getting pretty bad. He has some acerage so we are building a house out there to be able to help him. So I dont even have a nursery to get ready :( I have started looking at stuff though - that will be the 1st room that gets painted, etc :) I think we are right around the same number of weeks (19w3d) can I ask how much weight you have gained? I am having a hard time accepting my weight gain.......


bbenac - July 8

I'm the same number of weeks and have gained 20 pounds already!


mm28 - July 8

I'm 21w3d and I've gained about 15 pounds. AND - the nurses/doctors keep telling me to gain more weight! I'm a little afraid of what will happen if I keep gaining 2 lbs/week....ack!


Justinemalo88 - November 25

Hello Ladies:) I'm 17 wks, and have not had an ultrasound yet...This is my second pregnancy. But I was wondering did u all have any major symptoms that would indicate twins? J/w I've been thinkin' I'm having twins, from the extreme morning sickness, heartburn, and headaches.



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