Prego And So Many Things To Worry About

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ninaatk - June 27

Hey ladies I'm 18 weeks and really starting to love being pregnant, I'm at the stage where smells don't bug me any more and I LOVE to eat everything and I look cute and pregnant but I worry so much that something is going to happen to the baby. I have wished for a baby all my life and now that I'm going to have one I'm so scared that something is going to happen... I've had a great pregnancy (Well apart from morning sickness for 2 months) every time I go to the doctor she has nothing but good news and the baby moves and kicks a ton, no cramps or bleeding ever but...every little ache and pain I get all freaked out over even though I know its nothing... I worry so much... I know it's really stupid...but I can't help it... Any advice that might put my overactive mind at rest??????


the.lilangel - June 27

hey ninaatk, i dont really have any advice but i know how you are feeling. im 17 weeks with my first. My hubby and i have been trying for three years to have one even though the docs. said he couldnt we didnt give up. now that im preg. i feel the same way you do. i worry over every thing and so far there hasnt been any thing to worry about. im sorry that i dont have any advice but i thought it might help to know there are others who feel the same way. good luck and take care.


KLT - June 27

Nope, not really...I freak out about everything as well, being this is my first time. I think no matter how many experienced women tell me not to worry so much, I can't help it. I think it does get easier with time though...I notice i'm not worried AS much as I start to learn more...but certainly still worry. So should I say to you "don't worry"?? haha.. yeah....


annishel - June 27

Its funny cuz this is my 4th and I cant remember being worried like I am now. I am 18 weeks tomorrow and still feel no movement. That is not supposed to be the case for a 4th kid, so I am making myself insane. I am sure everything is fine with you guys! Just try to relax a little and do what I am considering - rent or buy a doppler!


scarlett - June 28

I'm 22wks now and I still worry every now and then, but the only advice i can give you is try not to worry too much, because a lot of us feel the same way too =)


LINZ - June 28

Totally agree with everyone! This is my first and I am now 20wk and have my u/s tomorrow. I can't wait to get it over and done with, just to know that everything is ok! Like you ninaatk, I too have had the 'perfect' pregnancy - no morning sickness, no pain or bleeding, baby looked fine on 1st u/s, strong heartbeat and lots of movements and kicks! It just feels like I am now waiting for something to go wrong. Like I say, I think once I am told that everything is ok tomorrow, I will be able to stop worrying so much...take care x


littlemama1022 - June 28

I freak out about everything as well. This is my second pregnancy, and it doesn't get any better with your second..(lol) I had placenta previa up until 22weeks(I am 32w now) and I bled a lot...and now I freak out even if I have a little bit of discharge. I'm sure everything will be okay for you..Good Luck with your pregnancy.



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