Prenatal Classes

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Irina - June 22

Girls, is somebody going to take prenatal classes. My friend told me that is only wasting your time. What do you think?


erica - June 22

I think if it's your first it's worth it. Go to you near Hospital and they should have a the cla__ses.


Kimberly - June 22

Well i was told that if you are having a natural birth there good but, if u are having an epidural then cla__ses are a waste of time.


erica - June 22

That is very true. You get your epidural when you are 4+cm open. You really don't feel anything after that. But it's still good to go to your cla__ses if its your first. You go over the steps of labor and what to expect when you are in labor. I think it help me alot with my first. These is my 5th.


Jessica F. - June 22

My mother went to one each time she was pregnant. 3 diferent times, and we were only about 3 years apart, She says it's a good idea all way around. MY PROBLEM is my husband works 12 days in a row and is on call after 5 pm every night. He gets 2 days off and then continues work again. So he can't go with me. My mom just had a surgery where she can't hold more than 5 lbs for 6months, which although she won't be holding me I'm sure there are some things which make her have support and I don't want to cause her any more problems. So after that I have no one. I don't think I'll be taking any cla__ses unfortunately.


Jessie V - June 23

I was going to take the cla__ses. But have changed my mind both my mom and my mil are nurses. They have told me alot of what I need to know about labor. I'm still up in the air about the epidural. I'm going to try to go without it.


Heidi - June 23

I'm going because they tell you what to expect when going into labor and what's going on and they show videos and then they take us through the birthing room and show us the water birth room, which I want to try, and then go over infant care for after the baby is born, which I need because I don't know squat about infants! It's only a $15.00 cla__s so it'll be worth it. I'm sure the lamaz part I'll forget but the other stuff will be worth it.


Erica - June 23

Jessie V, I'm definately going with the Epidural. My sister has 5 kids and with her last she took it and she told me that she didn't feel any pain. I'm definately doing the Epidural Birth.


tara - June 23

I went to them and eventhough most of the things are common sense I still learned alot from the cla__s about labor drugs, birth procedures (what they do to the baby right after birth), b___st feeding etc. In our cla__ses they also spent alot of time talking about the support person during labor and the techniques that can be used. We don't have any close friends that are pregnant and the couple of people that I know are way behind me in thier pregnancies; so the cla__ses were good for me in that I met a lot of people in the same stages and we had a lot more things to talk about and compare.



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