Prenatal Massage

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C - October 20

I'm 6 months. Is it o.k. to get prenatal massage?


shelly - October 20

I'm wondering the same thing. I forgot to ask my doc last visit. The salon told me I need doctor note and I was wondering why. I heard they are OK, but was curious why they asked me for a doc note.


Beth - October 20

I have gotten a ma__sage every month for the past 3 months, and I am only 5mo. along now. My doc said it is not a problem just to make sure they are prenatal certified.


Rachele - October 28

Hello! I have gotten a prenatal ma__sage every week for the past two months (currently 5 mths preg) I made sure the lady that does mine is certified to ma__sage pregnant woman. It can really help in the end she has said and several preggies go there. I feel terrible when I dont get them so it really helps with comfort. (They can also work with you so you dont have to lay on your tummy, just ask) Goodluck whatever you choose to do!!


Rachel - October 28

Yes, I am 5 months and I get one every two weeks. It really does help and like these other ladies are saying...just make sure they are prenatal cerified. There are a lot of areas you don't want stimulated while pregnant. So as long as they know how to ma__sage a pregnant will love them!


Lisa - October 28

I have been getting them every two weeks and I'm 21 weeks...I've been getting them since I've been 6 weeks.


Melissa - October 30

Hi all I'm actually a ma__seuse. It is completely safe for you to get ma__sages at any stage of pregnancy. It's just a bit of a worry ma__saging the stomach deeply in the first trimester. The babies actually really enjoy the ma__sages. One of my clients, I was doing trigger point up till she went into labour. And the baby absolutely loved it. I'd actually suggest for people to have it done. It's very relaxing for them too and also keep in mind that ma__sage while in labour can be a very beneficial kind of pain relief. Hope all is well with you.


Rachele - October 31

I dont know what I would do without my ma__sages :) Im getting worried now that everyone is getting them every two weeks. Do you think every week is to much? Please let me know if you have any info, I wouldnt want to do anything to disappoint or hurt the baby. Have a great day!! (Rachel how kewl, we are both 5 mths, when is urs due)


Melissa - November 1

Once a week is fine, but also is once a month. Either way, it benefits you and your baby. Just depends on money situation, or time situation. This time is just for you to relax and enjoy time for yourself! And can actually help with bonding. I ma__sage my stomach all the time and it kicks when it likes something, and moves into my abdomen when it doesn't like it. What a smart little baby. I have several clients that are pregnant, rangeing from 2 months to 9 months. I'm currently 5 months, and my clients love coming to someone who is in the same pregnant state as them. Your baby can actually start to know your therapist too. And they will definately know them when they come into the world as there has been bonding time between them as well (even if you don't know it) It wont hurt your baby. It helps with sore ligaments and muscles of yours that need tending to, and also helps with blood flow which is a major factor. If you have any other questions, let me know.


Jennifer - November 1

You should only go to a ma__suse who is trained in prenatal ma__sage. There are certain pressure points that should not even be touched during ma__sage. But check with your doctor first anyway.


- November 2

The points that your refering to, are points that probably have been pushed and later someone has miscarried. These points don't matter after the first 3 months. My doctor actually said there is no evidence that they can cause miscarriages. If the person does miscarry, it would be from a chromosonal abnormality or something else. I wouldn't worry about the points too much


Laurabelle - November 2

There are pressure points to stay away from even after the first trimester, such as the ankles and heels of the foot. This area has pressure points connceted with the uterus and could stimulate contractions, which could then stimulate preterm labor.



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