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hc - October 19

h__lo, i was wondering how many of you pregnant ladies are taking your prenatal vitamins. i have been on medication for vomiting for quite some time, and i realized that the few times ihave vomited lately is when i have taken my prenatal vitamin with not enough food in my belly. if i don't throw up when i take it, i feel really nauseous. (i am 21 weeks). i am in the process of stopping to take my medication because i don't feel comfortable taking it anymore. so far so good when i don't take my prenatal vitamin. i am eating better than i ever have. i include all the food groups etc and i don't eat any sweets or fast food. i sometimes take my regular vitamins instead of the prenatal. i have tried 2 different kinds of prenatal and i have problems with both of them. Anyone else with this problem and how did you solve it?


RR - October 19

I take mine at night and that seems to help. Also, make sure you eat something first thing when you get up. Oatmeal or fried eggs with toast do the trick for me!


ry - October 19

my doc says to take 2 flintstone vitamins instead-you still get the vitamins you need but without being harsh on your stomach. or like rr said take it with food at night before bed although i still get an upset stomach and heartburn from them when i do that-but not as bad good luck!


Mendi - October 19

I also had this problem in the morning so I started taking mine at night and it has helped 100%. I havent been sick yet. I agree with RR though, eat something small. My doctor also told me that Flinstones vitamines are just the same, they even come in gummy form so those might be easier to digest for you.


Ronni - October 19

WOW- flinstones are really the same? That sounds great, do you still take folic acid?


Lisa - October 19

You should also take a supplement with Folic Acid in it as well; it's very important that you have that. I don't how much iron (if any) is in the Flinstones but you will need iron supplements. You might want to consult with your doctor prior to starting iron tablets though.


hc - October 20

thank you for your inputs! Flintstone tables, really? i have to check the labels and see for my self, that sounds amazing! I just bought some Perfect Prenatal by newchapter organics yesterday. the guy at the store said they digest really well. Has anyone of you tried them?


ry - October 20

hey guys i have not heard of perfect prenatal-have to check that out. yes, flinststones (2 of them) really are supposed to be fine-you may need a folic acid supplement i am honestly not sure-doc did not mention that. i know the main reason these are good is because they have all the vitamins you need for your baby (they are after all designed for children) but without all of the extra iron which is what constipates you and upsets your stomach.


Mandi - October 20

I actually checked my Flintstones vitamins (actually the Walmart brand...but pretty much the same thing)...and with two of these you get 100% of your folic acid as well as the other vitamins we pregnant women need in our diet. I would be sure to check every bottle just to be on the safe side, but I am sure you will find that they have the folic acid included.


m - October 21

as long as you get a minimum of 0.4mg of folic acid a day 1 mg is recommended you will be fine.


Yas - October 21

Hello -- For my first trimester I was taking the GNC prenatal vitamins without iron with my lunch. I felt wonderful -- no uncomfortable side effects at all! However, now that I've started my second trimester my ob wants me to switch to the version with iron. I thought I could get enough iron through my healthy diet, but she prefers I do this as a precaution. I didn't know that women needed the extra iron to support the placenta and nourish the fetus with oxygen because you're producing twice as much blood. My ob told me its better to prevent anemia through complete prenatals vs then having to take iron pills later on -- and this is harder on the belly and interferes with the adsorption of other important vitamins. Finally, lack of iron can cause a woman to loose too much blood during labor, faint, and need a blood transfusion.



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