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Tamara - October 20

has anyone taken prenatal yoga or thinking about it?? i think i will as i've heard it's a great way to get prepared for labour. anyone have any insite into this??


Amy - October 20

Tamara - I have taken yoga for years and did prenatal yoga with my first pregnancy and am currently 22 weeks and doing prenatal again. I think it definitely helps mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare you. I actually had a very easy, quick and natural labour with my first baby (um,.. I wasn't really planning on the natural part but it I was in the hospital for less than an hour). I think a lot had to do with the fact that I was in good shape - exercised throughout my pregnancy and took yoga. Definitely worth checking out...


K - October 20

I'm not taking a cla__s, but I have several pre-natal yoga and exercise DVDs that I do at home. I prefer doing it at home because I'm not tied to a specific cla__s time, and if I start it and don't feel up to it that day, I can always stop without feeling embara__sed or guilty in front of a cla__s. I really enjoy it and I feel better and relaxed afterward. I've heard people say that yoga has really helped them relax for labor and stay in better shape, so they got back in shape faster after the baby was born. My favorites are Crunch Yoga Mama (it's only 30 minutes and to me its fairly easy and gentle); Leisa Hart's Fit Mama (20 minute Salsa; 20 minute yoga; 6 minute labor prep; 8 minutes relaxation and stretch that you can split up and do as many as you want) ;ZenMama with Rainbeau Mars straight pre-natal yoga; and the Quick Fix Pre-Natal work out (three 10 minute toning segments). I have tried The New Method Pre-Natal Yoga, but I kept laughing so hard I was falling over. The work out itself is good, but the lady who does it is a spiritual guru type with a turban and robes who makes you do lots of OHMs and talks about how you should squat and close your eyes and imagine you are having your baby in a forest. I have nothing against new age and spirituality, but I just don't think that style is for me. Thank goodness I wasn't in one of her live cla__ses, I don't think she would have been happy with me!


Tamara - October 20

Thanks Amy & K. I have signed up now and will be going Tuesday nights starting Nov 1st. I'm very excited about it.


sue - October 21

Just thought I would add my 2 cents--I LOVE taking the prenatal yoga cla__s. I have not been exercising as much as I have before pregnancy : ( and this gives me the opportunity to stretch, relax, and practice breathing. Wish I had taken it with my first!


kr - October 22

I found a yoga place right up the street from me that offers it so I'm going to check it out.


Beth - October 24

K- I just bought the New Method pre-natal video with the lady in the robes and the chanting... I kept thinking "is this for real???" the first time I did it!!! I think I need to get a different one!


K - October 24

Beth, Quite an experience wasn't it?! My husband was in the other room and he kept asking me what was making me laugh so hard. If you go to and search "prenatal" you can pull up several work-outs by name and they have 60 second video clips of the workout so you get some idea of what you are getting.



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