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annoyed - April 27

im 20 weeks preg and im still not showing. my question is i feel alot of pressure just above my pubic hair line its annoying.theres no pain with this pressure but very annoying. what could it be ? my sis says the baby is on my bladder but i'd like to hear from others


Kara - April 28

Hi, I'm 19 weeks pregnant, I started feeling baby at 16 wks, but before i really knew or realised i was feeling the baby, i just felt this weird pressure in the same area. Now i recognise it as movement, not kicking or anything, but i feel it when he's squirming or rolling over. It became more clear about a week later when i realised for sure i could feel the baby. Perhaps this is the start of feeling your baby move for you too? :-)


annoyed - April 28

i fely my baby move at about 15 weeks. this is my first pregnancy.maybe thats what i feel the baby squirming or rolling to the other side but theres alot of annoying pressure that comes along with it . thx kara


Kara - April 28

No worries, it is annoying sometimes, and it just gets more the bigger the baby gets! :-) All the best.


HP - May 3

Annoyed & Kara, I'm 18 wk with our first baby. The last couple days, I've experienced what you described Annoyed. I feel pressure just above pubic hair line, its mildly like cramping but different. I feel it the most right after standing up from sitting, I have to press my abdomen to lessen the pressure. Is it really the baby squirming like you said Kara ? About a week ago I was treated with antibiotics from a bladder infection. I'm worried if this is related to it. But I hope its just the baby's movement.


Kara - May 3

I don't know for sure HP, if you had a bladder infection maybe you should have a follow up check to make sure its gone - but i do get similar, especially if i've been lying down and then stand up, and it's the weight of the baby dropping down. Sometimes he pushes so hard that he pokes out one side and gives me a cramp that goes all the way down to my right knee! :-) I push him back til he stops. So it may very well be just those things. All the best!


cindy - May 4

I am 24 wks preg. and have felt this pressure ever since about 7wks. It is akward, and feels like a constant pressure. Sometimes it makes me feel like I have to pee REALLY bad and when I try just a little bit will come out. Sometimes I can't even lay on my back, I have to lay on my back, because of the pressure. So I feel where you are coming from. I can tell you though, it is the baby!!:)



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