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Kelly - December 14

Hi, I am 24 weeks and for the past few days I have been feeling some pressures on my lower stomach. I feel like I have to use the bathroom all the time. IT is especially noticable when I stand up from sitting and in the morning when I get up. I think my baby is sitting low cause when she kicks it is alway under my belly button. So I was wondering if this pressure I am feeling is the baby possible sitting on my bladder, or could it be because she is starting to grow more now and get bigger so she is taking up more room?? I also feel like my stomach is so tight lately, which I am guessing is my skin stretching. Just wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this - is it too soon to feel all of these discomforts?


nina - December 14

i am 24 weeks too, i was feeling constant pressure on my bladder and when i went in for my u/s the tech said the baby was sitting on my bladder. The past couple of days it has felt a little better so maybe it has moved now (thank god) Hang in there. As for the tightness feeling-I HATE THAT. I dont know if it is the skin stretching or gas pressure and bloating but it gets so much worse for me at nightime and after i eat and it really hurts! Anyone know what this is or what to do about it?


Kelly - December 14

Thanks, Nina! Its nice to know you are not alone! Yeah, the tightness stinks and I can only imagine it will get worse. It's really bad in the morning for me (as well as after eating) I think the mornig cause I usually sleep kind of scrunched up and then when I have to stand I am probably strectching every muscle in my stomach along with my skin. When are you due?


to Kelly - December 14

As weeks go by, I feel my skin stretching, getting tighter, my stomach getting heavier, etc. It's so trippy to be able to feel my body grow in this way! I'm 22 weeks now. I don't think it's too soon... I mean, you're only about 3 months away from giving birth. And baby is already halfway or more than that to birth length, even if only weighing a little more than a pound at this point.


gg - December 14

Hi there. I am 25 weeks today and have been feeling the same thing over the last week to 10 days or so. I rarely feel the baby kicking/moving above my belly b___ton. I swear over the weekend my belly grew. It's like my belly is going through growing pains. My husband can not believe how hard it feels at times. I haven't asked my Dr about it. I just figured it is the baby growing and where it is sitting. I know that I can't wear some of my pants as they sit low and put too much additional pressure on my belly!



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