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Mandy1984 - June 4

Ok this might sound really wierd, but the baby stuff in the US is like a million times nicer than here in the UK, and as far as I can see a h__l of a lot cheaper aswell!!! Anyways my mums friend flys over from Ireland every couple of months to visit her daughter but she normally has no luggage as everything she needs is over there. I was telling her about how I thought the babby items in America were LUSH!! and she has offered to bring me back some things everytime she goes, pram, car seat anything really as long as I like it. I was just wondering if there are anygood baby shops (online) that I could get things delivered to the girls house in Florida for her mum to be able to bring it back for me.. Also this is roughly what items would cost here and I wouldn't want to spend too much more: here goes: Pram---£550 (approx $900) Car seat £90 ( approx $160) moses basket £80 (approx $140) Also what baby brands are popular and NOT popular in the US? I ordered loads of pairs (about 4 pairs) of VON DUTCH for my 2 daughters jeans on ebay from US and it only cost $140 It would cost that for 1 pair here!!!


annie24 - June 4

hi actually from ireland but i spent a year in america last the time my sis in law was expecting so we took a travel system home for web site has some great graco ones at great just in process of looking to see if they will do international shipping for me as i want one for myself now.sooo much cheaper than here.As for kids clothes...if you are going for designer clothes they are a lot cheaper than here but i found ordinary baby and kids clothes so much more expensive than here,i have a 5 year old and i ended up buying most of his clothes in primark when we came home to ireland for holiday as the essentials were quite expensive.hope that helps.


lexy - June 4

hi mandy. i am from florida and i think that one of the best stores for baby stuff is target. they have a wide selection of stuff and apparel online.


sophandbob - June 4

I'm not sure where in the UK you are shopping, but the prices you've quoted are ma__sive!! It all depen ds on where you shops - for instance - we've got a pram, buggy, and car seat travel system from mothercare, and whilst i'll admit it is not designer - it is still pretty smart and has been voted the number one travel system, and it was only £239! (we got it when there was £50 off). Shop around in the Uk and you will be sure to find some bargins here too. Don't forget that you will have to pay duty on stuff you bring over from the US, the limit is really low - something in the region of £100. It might be worth checking that out.


mcatherine - June 4

I'm not sure what a pram is, but I paid $175 for an infant car seat with matching stroller (that it attaches to). The moses basket I got was $150. So the prices sound pretty similar if you ask me. Lexy is right - Target online is great for some things that you might need, but they don't sell designer clothes. The US has infant clothes, name brand infant clothes, then there is "designer" infant wear - and there is a huge difference between the three. What brands are you looking for? Mimi and Maggie, Stacy Claire Boyd, Nannette, Neptune Zoo, Jona Michelle, BebeMonde or more like name brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, The Gap, Limited Too, Abercrombie, Carter's, and OshKosh?


mcatherine - June 4

Also, check out and (no hyphens or dashes) - they have a lot of things you might like, too.


Kara H. - June 4

McCatherine - You know how the baby buggy strollers look in old cartoons like Lady and the Tramp? That's a pram. They are not as popular in the US as elsewhere, but they are much more pricey than the travel systems we typically use here.


mcatherine - June 4

Thanks Kara - I would call $900 quite a bit more pricey than what we use. I can see why they aren't so popular around here :0) They are sweet, though...


Mingill - June 4

Just a little side note, our travel system stroller converts into a pram, it basically allows baby to lie on its back, there is an attachement to put over the crossbar. So you might have a pram without even knowing it. We got ours at Walmart, which is another place you can shop online.


sarahbaby11 - June 5

some stores here that carry a good variety of baby items are,,, and they all have ups and downs in prices mostly walmart and taget are cheapest. however they all carry the same brands just different patterns. you could alos try the company websites themselves. such as, or, or there are tons of companies but most are the same even the generic store brands to the designer things. the only one i have found that is a big difference is the car seat and travel systems. i'd recommend graco they have a lot of patterns and various weights and sizes and are rated very high in safety in crash tests they do here in the us. i have also read stories of women who have been in rollover accidents with infants in these seats and the most the babies received were brusies from the harness which is to be expected but no serious injuries. they are also a good price unlike the peg perego brand.


AmyF - June 5 . Where exactly in Florida does your friend live? I am in FL too and there's also a Burlington Coat Factory that sells baby items too. Target has some WAY cool stuff and also USA Baby.


KellyO - June 5

Hi Mandy. I live in Florida. I love to go online to and then I go into the store and purchase the item so I don't have to pay shipping. There are a ton of burlington coat factory's here in Florida. When shipping bigger items like pack and play, and stroller, shipping can be very high. It is much more convenient to go to the store since they are everywhere. I feel that they have the biggest selection, even more the Babie R Us and Toys R Us!


Justine1 - June 6

Incase you want to look in the UK too there are also Babies R Us stores in the UK (its part of Toys R Us I think) - everything they sell is online too and their prices are very reasonable. We got a Graco pushchair and carseat for under £200 from them. also has some good buys in the UK and sells brand names at cut prices - they are often last seasons end of lines.



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