Proactive Acne Use While Pregnant

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Nan - October 28

Is it safe to use proactive acne medication while pregnant?


Laura - October 28

Some online sources say no, however they may not be legit sources. I checked the ingredients and its seems to be fine. And I was told just by my midwife not to use Retinol A products. Salycic acid is also not good to use. I have been using proactiv throughout my pregnancy.


stacey - October 30

I asked my obgyn and they said No, there aren't tests for it yet.


FYI - October 31

When I was in college, my roommate used that and would use it in the shower. It ate the finish off of our tub. I don't think I would want to use something that harsh when I was pregnant.


k - October 31

My doc said no - same as stacey's, there are no test to prove that it will do something, but there are no test to prove that it won't. I'm steering away from anything for acne and just dealing with it...its horrible but well worth it.


Jennifer - October 31

There are very few acne medications you can take while pregnant. Some of them are so strong that doctors won't even proscribe them unless you're actively taking birth control. Whatever you use, make sure you check with your doctor first.


Michelle - October 31

This is my third pregnancy. I have used Proactive through all of them. I go to a dermatologist who gave me the okay and a__sured me it was fine to use.


audrey - November 1

I asked my doc and she said it was perfectly fine. I'm 18 weeks and have used it throughout my pregnancy.


Nikki - December 14

I have been to several different doctors b/c im in the process of moving im 14 weeks pregnant and both doctors a__sured me its okay....Benzoyl peroxide is gentle and since it's topical not alot gets takin into the bloodstream....Salistic acid however i was told not to use right away since it is a form of aspiran.....if your worried make sure u contact your doctor for the okay...otherwise im sure they can prescribe you something there more comfortable with...


H - December 14

I want to use it so badly, but my doctor told me no :( I can't wait to use it again, it was the only thing that worked!!!!


Ba8y6irl - December 15

Whats wrong with using a product with Salycic (sp) Acid??


kerdus - September 7

I don't know if any one who posted on here originally reads this anymore. It's been a couple of years since people posted their reponses. I just wanted to say that I checked with my doctor this morning and she said that using proactive is fine because the main ingredient is benzoyl peroxide. She said not to worry and to go ahead and continue using the product...


sarah21 - September 7

Just a note, though, they say not to use it while b___stfeeding because benzoyl peroxide is absorbed in the skin and pa__sed on to your baby. I live on ProActive and don't know what I would do without it.


kelsey - September 7

I was told no on Pro-Active also... But I was told it was ok to use dermalogica so ive been using that and it works great. My skin started breaking out real bad during this pregnancy


cayingo - September 7

My OB told me not to use Proactiv b/c it is untested by the FDA. Benzoyl peroxide (acne med in it) is cla__syfied as a Cla__s C drug by the FDA b/c of the untested nature. Techinically only Cla__s A and B drugs are considered safe.


evae777 - September 16

i only use the toner, but was told that it was okay to use. there is another posting from last month on this as well, maybe there is some useful info there...



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