PROBABLLLY The Best Feeling Ever

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JolieLucker - February 16

when you look down at your tummy and you can actually SEE your baby kick, or where they are laying... she has been so active and its so amazing, i think i finally bonded with her,,, im 18wks today, JULY momma's were about halfway done if not already halfway done!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!


c_baer19 - February 16

Wow, I'm jealous - I'll be 18 weeks Monday, and I think I MIGHT have felt the baby move today, haha. It's my first though, so maybe it'll take another couple weeks for kicking.


krnj - February 16

I'll only be 17 weeks on Sunday. I've been feeling the baby move for a week or so now. This is #2 for me. No actual kicks yet though. I wish July would get here already!!!


JolieLucker - February 17

this is my first pregnancy as well.. cbaer you'll start feeling them soon!! krnj the flutters are also an amazing thing!


sonia989 - February 17

What's cool is my baby can make a pencil wiggle if I lay it on my tummy! Every time Arron puts his hand on my tummy, baby Alex seems to get stage fright. I came up with the pencil trick so Arron could see his baby move, too.


jodie - February 17

Hey jolie! It is a awesome feeling isn't it! I will be 18weeks on monday and my little one has been moving for a couple of weeks. It's nuts because when I was preg with my son I didn't even feel him until i was 26 weeks!!!! Congrats on the lovely feeling!


aliciavr6 - February 17

I could see the baby kick about a week after I started to feel it (19w), and it was crazy, I couldn't believe it. I agree, definitely the coolest thing so far. :)


pueppschen - February 17

i am 22 weeks now, and i can feel the baby kicking most of the time, and i agree that is the best feeling, especially that i have seen her on u/s i can put a face to her kicks ... congrats to you too.


squished - February 17

God you guys, I'm so jealous! I'm 18w and I have moments where I am like was that baby? and then I'm not sure. I've had a few times where it feels like a little ball and the doc said that might be the baby moving around, but I definetly haven't had any consistent baby movements that I'm sure that's what it is! Soon I'll have those feelings I hope!


JolieLucker - February 17

aww squished that ball you feel IS the baby... i did the whole 'i think thats the baby.. is it? i dunno maybe' deal for a while and the feelings just get stronger and stronger =] ... or just hold your hand on your tummy for a while, you'll feel the baby... proooomise !


Shannon - February 18

wow, you're having that happen already? early to actually see it moving in your belly. but yes, that is probably the BEST thing about being pregnant.


JolieLucker - February 19

it could start as early as 16wks, i dunno if it makes a difference that im a tiny girl? 5'7 bout 110.


Allisonc79 - February 20

hey Jolie, I am also a July mom. I am also a fairly thin person so maybe thats why I can feel everything too. In fact the baby is acting up right now, lol. I get worried if I don't feel anything after a while. I want to try the pencil wiggle thing too.



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