Problems Sleeping

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sezradev - March 23

I'll be 17 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and for the last few nights I've been having real trouble sleeping. I've proped myself up with pillows under my belly, between my legs and behind my back, but the main problem I'm having now is waking up every twenty minutes because my shoulders are in agony. Having to only lie on my side and not on my back is putting too much pressure on my shoulders. Has anyone else had the same problem, and does anyone have any suggestions.


Nora1 - March 23

I have the same problem some nights. I don't have any suggestions though other than to use lots of pillows!


Shannah - March 23

I am 20 weeks and I still sleep on my back. I try to sleep on my left side as much as possible but I end up on my back a lot. I think we are o.k. until around 24 weeks. I am going to ask my doctor again next week at my appt.


newmomma2b - March 23

I am having the same problems. I am a definite back sleeper and it is very hard for me to adjust. My hips are what is bothering me.


Roary - March 23

Yes! I wake up with sore hips from staying on my sides all night. i used to sleep on my stomach. At 25 weeks, that isn't an option anymore. I also wake up with my hands swollen from water retention sometimes because of how I am sleeping on my limbs.


drea - March 23

I have the same problem too. sometimes i feel like my whole body is sore when i get up in the morning. i have always been a stomach sleeper, but It's beginning to get hard for me now. plus my DH snores really bad, so once i'm awake, i'm doomed for the rest of the night. i haven't had a good night sleep since i found out i was preggo. i'm going to try one of those pregnancy body pillows. my friend is lending hers to me this weekend. i'll let you know it works.


Nora1 - March 23

I have a Boppy pregnancy pillow that I love!


tryingx3 - March 23

Oh, the agony! Me shoulders, my neck, even into my face and teeth. Like major tension headache, but get it after sleeping. I have to take shower and stretch to get it ease up at all. I was a stomach sleeper too. I am only 13 weeks, but weaned myself off of stomach weeks ago. Now trying NOT to sleep as much on back. Maybe a boppy pillow is in my future.


Been There - March 23

Oh, the hip pain! Along with the circulation problems and having to keep my arms in certain positions, it's killing me. I have propped a pillow behind my back so that I'm somewhere between being on my side and my back. It's flat on the back that's not good for the baby. But slightly on your back with a tilt to relieve side pain is fine. See if propping your back so you're in between side and back sleep helps. It's been working better for me.


DWilson924 - March 23

I have the sme problems, hips and shoulders bothering me, and the only thing that I do is just flip from side to side because I am afraid to sleep on my back (I am only 22 week).


Kara H. - March 23

If you are having shoulder and hip pain, you must buy a body pillow! I bought one this week since I could hardly walk in the morning due to hip pain. JCPenney's has some really nice ones but they are a bit pricey. Before I spent that much money, I wanted to see if it would really help so I bought a cheapy one at Walmart for $15. Wow, what a diffence it made! For the first time in weeks I slept thru the night. I woke up in the same position I laid down it. My husband said I didn't budge all night. I actually got out of bed and walked to the bathroom standing up straight, instead of hunched over like an old granny! I have felt so rested and refreshed all day. It was the best $15 I have ever spent. I lay with one leg and arm under it and the other arm and leg thown over the top. My hubby said he missed me snuggling up to him, but not all the tossing and turning I used to do all night. It was the best $15 I have ever spent.


fefer1 - March 31

Body pillows are great! I have two, one for each side so I don't roll over in the middle of the night. I don't think my husband likes it much but I sleep so much better! I also used to get horrible shoulder pains and my left arm would fall asleep. I'm 17 weeks.



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