Progesterone Shots To Prevent Preterm Labor

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cayingo - October 12

7 years ago my DD was born at 36 weeks. I am pregnant again (this time by IVF), and am currently 18w3d along. At 16w my perinatologist recommended I start weekly hydroxy progesterone shots to prevent another preterm birth. This baby is a boy and apparently baby boys' lungs develop slower than girls' and a 36w delivery for him, which was not a problem w/ DD at all, could mean a stay in the NICU. I am no stranger to progesterone shots due to conceiveing thru IVF (daily in fact), but I am curious about anyone else's experiences w/ this type of prevention.


hugs - October 16

Hi Cayingo...I lost my first baby to preterm labor at 24 weeks 2 yrs ago. I am again pregnant now and my doctor also had recommended 17P shots starting at 16 weeks. I have to take them till 36 weeks. I dont think there are any side-effects to it, other than having a sore b___t for a day. Also the other thing that my doctor suggested, is a fetal fibronectin test starting at 24 weeks. We are hoping that we have a healthy baby and I carry to term. If you like to talk to me u can email me at aditik at I would be happy to talk to you.


cayingo - October 17

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My heart foes out to you. I sincerely hope this pg will be a happy experience for you. I've read alot of good reports on the effectiveness of the 17HP shots. I too have to take them until my 35th week. I am not familiar with the fibrnectin test. I'll have to read more on that. Can you give me the thumb-nail scretch of what it does for the baby? How far along are you now? I will be emailing you soon too. Thanks for your help.


hugs - October 17

Hi Cay...The fetal fibronectin test tells you if u might go into labor. It does nothing for the baby, but a negative test can put your mind at ease for 2 weeks. Test results are valid for 2 weeks. On the other hand a positive test cld suggest that it is highly likely that you might go into labor. You can read more about it on babycenter, or just google Fetal Fibronectin and you should see a whole bunch of results. I am now 18 weeks. Hope all is well with you. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care.


cayingo - October 17

So then you've taken a cople shots already too. I am 19w1d today. This morning was my 2nd shot. After work I plan to do some reading on this test so I can ask about it at my next appt. I see my perinatologist 2 weeks from today.


hugs - October 19

Hey..really sorry for replying this late. Yeah..i hve taken a couple already. When is your due date? I really hope all goes well for you. Please dont strain yourself at work. Take care and all the best for your appointment. Do message when you get a chance.


Tory1980 - October 20

Never had these shots. The only thing they do over here (N.I) is give steroids to allow the lungs to develop faster. I have never heard that boys lungs develop slower than girls but I delivered my first baby at 34weeks and he was fine apart from a little jaundice. No care in the NICU and he came home with me.


cayingo - October 20

Yes, my peri talked to us about the steroid shots also, but that's only if I start labor early to rapidly mature the lungs. Hopefully these shots will prevent the preterm labor to begin with. I must say, after having gone through daily IM shots for IVF, once a week is not a big deal. Each b___t cheek gets a 2 week break to "heal" since I switch sides each time. I'll d whatever it takes to keep the bun baking as long as possible. :)


RyanswifeAllie - December 3

Hey there-- I just had my first little girl at 34 weeks 5 days (after having two earlier miscarriages early on)....She was great, except her oxygen saturations kept dropping, so she needed a little extra oxygen for two months..... I don't want to have another preterm my doctor said he'll give me the progesterone v____al suppositories next time. Have you heard if these are just as effective as the shots??? Thanks! Allie


cayingo - December 3

I have read nothing about using suppositories for the purpose of preventing preterm labor. With my DD I had low progetserone in the 1st tri and was given progest. suppositories for weeks 6-12, but that kind of progest. is totally different than the week 16-36 progesterone (called alpha-hydroxy progesterone). As far as I've learned it's only given by itramuscular injection. I'm curious though, so I'll ask my OB at my 26 week appt Wed. Glad to hear all went ok with your DD. Congratulations!


ShoppingForTwo - December 3

My doctor talked to me about the suppositories. He doesn't like them he says they aren't as effective as the shot and they don't last as long. Soo. . . He doesn't use them. Shots it is for me.



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