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megzi_03 - March 20

Is it ok to drink during pregnancy? My dh bought an orange flavored one earlier & I took a sip... it was wonderful. I'd like to keep drinking it & would be more inclined to drink more during the day if I could have something with a little flavor. Thanks in advance!


skylersmom - March 21

i was actually wondering the same thing. i love flavored water (not sparkling). sometimes regular water is so boring and flavored, especially propel, is just so refreshing! does anyone know if its as good as regular water during pregnancy?


jmnoonan - March 21

I was reading about sucralose (the sweetner in Propel and fruit2o) online and the article said it has not been deemed harmful, but it side effects on pregnant women is unknown. It makes me nervous because I drink Fruit2O constantly, I just cannot drink 8 gla__ses of plain water evry day. I need that flavor to be able to get it down. Looks like I may be switching to a slice of lemon in my water instead.


Tillie - March 21

Do you girls not like the taste of water in general, or just of your water at home? I wonder if buying bottled water would be better? Since getting pregnant I've been buying boxes of bottled water (really cheap at Target!) and drinking 8 or 10 small bottles of Poland Spring a day. Something about having a fresh bottle in the fridge waiting keeps me going back.


Kara H. - March 21

If you are going to drink bottled water, make sure it says "purified water". If not it just comes from some tap in whatever city it is bottled in and may actually contain more chemicals that what you would get from your own tap at home. I know that Walmarts Sam's Choice is purified, and so is K-Marts water and Nestle water. It is either purifed thru distilization or reverse osmosis. 20/20 did a big special on bottled water, and the purified water had far less contaminants than the rest of the bottled waters.


megzi_03 - March 22

Thanks all... I guess I'll stick to the lemon in my water. I find it hard to drink 8-10 gla__ses a day as well & was looking for something to help me out!


august baby #3 - March 22

i have been living on light hawaiian punch. it only has 10 cal per 8 or 10 oz serving and it tastes just like punch. I also have been living on light lemonade. i forgot what brand but it comes in cans and is in the soda isle. It has very low calories but tastes just like lemonade. Also crystal light works wonders. I hate water so cannot just drink water plain.


Tillie - March 22

August baby #3, you might want to read up on artificial sweeteners, which those drinks you mentioned are loaded with. Cutting down on chemicals while you're pregnant is only smart.


august baby #3 - March 22

i talked to my doctor and took all those with my other pregnancies. I even talked to a geneticist as well as the tetragen inst_tute. You cannot worry about stupid things otherwise you will spend your whole pregnancy freaked out.


Tillie - March 22

If you asked all those people about it already, I guess you already had an inkling that it might not be great for you then, huh? You should of course drink whatever you want, but I thought I'd alert you to the fact that there's a reason many of us stay away from the chemical aspertame--Crystal Light's main ingredient--while pregnant.


august baby #3 - March 22

no, it was just with my first pregnancy i was completely a___l about everything. HOwever, they told me that they were all safe during pregnancy. And, if you are very anti water like i am, drinking something is far better than drinking nothing.


megzi_03 - March 25

August baby #3... my doc told me that Crystal Light was ok as well. I'm still eerie about drinking it, so I'm only going to drink it in moderation. I also continued to do some research because I had heard so many things about aspartame & came across this website...


redemptive_angel - April 4

Yes it is safe to drink propel during pregnancy. I was the same way, I can't stand water without taste. Infact propel has a vitamin called B6 in it that is also in cereal. B6 helps with nausea... so me drinking propel during my morning sickness kept me out of the hospital for dehydration. (I was so sick I lost 25 in two months! When I stopped drinking propel and tried to drink water, I ended up in the hospital with dehydration) In fact the dr. mentioned that with all the weight I was loosing from throwing up that he was suprised I was in the hospital more. Flavored water is fine, but becarefull as to what it has in it... stay away from ones with a lot of sugar or sodium (that will make you gain weight so fast)


HannahBaby - April 7

be careful not to drink too much crystal light it has an artifical sweetner that could be harmful to your baby if drinken in access


Higgy - April 7

I will cut up some fresh fruit like strawberries/rasperies or lemon, lime and oranges and put them in a pitcher of water over night. It gives the water a nice fruit flavour and helps me drink more of it.



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