Proper Preggers Belly

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Amber - August 30

I am 16 weeks pregnant and weighed 140 before i got pregnant, i am 5 feet 4 inches tall, when should i get a proper belly? When i tell people that i am pregnant, they tell me, no way! and i have to break out the ultrasound pics. I still have a rather flat tummy, and would like to LOOK pregnant soon, heck if i have to go through all the maddness (the crying because they dont have the hot sauce i want, the peeing in the middle of the night, and the freeking indigestion) i want to look the part! So, when should i start getting a proper belly? :) WOW what a tangent!


Ashley - August 30

Amber, I feel your pain! I'm 5'6" and 140 before I got pregnant, now I'm 15 weeks into this and I weight 137.5!!!! I'm ready to waddle - actually, my husband claims that I already do - maybe if I don't really *look* it I try to act like it! Dh insisted on taking a pic of me at 6w, 10w, and 14w from the side and wow, I guess I am changing! But nobody else thinks so. I don't fit in any of my clothes. Oh, and somebody put just the right amount of Ranch on my sub sandwhich the other day and I got so excited I almost jumped up and down. Pregnancy . . . is so weird! :)


jessielouwho - August 30

Ha! Too funny. I feel the same way. I am 5' 6" about 120 before pregnancy and now only about 125. I have this pooch that is hardly noticible with clothes on, I a__sumed since I was rather thin I'd start showing right away! I keep asking everyone, when am I going to start showing, they tell me oh just wait til you do and you'll wish you were small again! And omg Amber I am addicted to hot/spicy, I think this baby will come out breathing fire!


Lynn - August 30

It should come any day. I remember coming home from work one day & I was wearing a sundress, so I slipped it off over my head & caught a side glimpse in the mirror & said OMG LOOK at my belly! I got my husband & said honey LOOK! and he got a big smile on his face and said "You Popped!" Then about 2 weeks later my boss actually noticed it. He said "yesterday you looked like Lynn, to day you look like pregnant Lynn, where did it come from? It will literally just pop out overnight. One day you'll still be able to squeeze into some of your non-maternity clothes, the next day they won;t be anywhere near close to fitting.



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