Protruding Belly Movement

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Brianna - October 12

Hey yall. I was just wondering if any of yall started showing a lot earlier than when you first felt fetal movement? I'm 16 yrs. old, 16-18 weeks pregnant today and am a lottle overweight. I just recently began showing a lot in the belly all around to say and my belly is rather very hard! I haven't felt strong, persistent kicks yet, just kinda light fluttering and tappings. Usually in the same area too like under my ribcage. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm just so anxious to feel the baby and want to know when to expect it. I would appreciate anyone's input! God Bless Yall!


E - October 12

Hi Brianna, I am 16 weeks and just started to feel light flutters and some light cramping with it. I started showing (when naked) at about 10 weeks and now clearly look pregnant. Some clothes hide it but usually one can see as I am a thin woman with a portruding belly. Good luck - you will feel those movements very soon.


Brianna - October 13

Thanks so much E and I really hope to feel strong kicks! When I lay down at night is when I feel the tapping most!


cara - November 2

It's doubtful you're feeling the babay if the kicks are under your ribcage, your uterus isn't even as high as your bellyb___ton yet. First kicks are typically felt very low, right near your pelvic bone.


Jenny - November 5

yeah if it's in your rib cage it's digestion, i didn't feel fetla movement till 20 weeks and it was righta bove my pubic bone and it was just tiny light bumps..


Tina - November 6

I felt my son (i was 17 years old then) when i was 13 weeks along. I was like a little flipping feeling and it was always when either his daddy talked or when there was a siren. and i carried him high so it was just about at my rib cage so it's possible


Kris - November 16

I was about 16 weeks when I felt the first flutters. I am now 20 weeks and the baby drives me nuts all day long!!!! It won't be long, ladies, before you start feeling strong kicks!! It is the neatest thing to feel your baby moving around in your belly! Good Luck!



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