PSA On Maternity Clothes

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Maleficent - May 20

when i saw the new low waisted maternity pants i was excited and ordered two pair, and i HATE them! they keep falling so low onto my hips that i'm constantly having to pull them back up. and girls, there is no reason my butt should not be enough to hold them up....plenty of ass going on here. plenty of belly too but they slip right down. anyone else having this problem? ladies, if you're in the market for maternity pants BEWARE.


ES - May 20

My below the waist jeans do that and there again I have plenty of but and belly. My tan ones are ok. Actually all my Old Navy are good. My target are not.


Wanda - May 20

I too have the same problem, and frankly, I like the old school panel type better. They stay up, and your belly b___ton is covered. I think this new style is in response to the belly baring fashion explosion, but sometimes, you dont want your belly to show. This is my third pregnancy, and I have tons of stretch marks, so even though I love being pregnant, and have no problem with how I look, I just feel better knowing my Freddy-Krueger-ized belly marks are hidden safe under the panel.


Lily - May 20

Thanks for the warning Maleficent! Have you found a good place to find maternity and nursing bras? A warning for everyone, don't use when looking for bras, I experienced poor customer service there.


Cher - May 21

I know what you mean, I have some low waisted pants too that should stay up, but everytime I sit down it seems like my big a** is hanging out...I think I liked the old style better too - at least they stayed on without constantly having to pull them up!


Maleficent - May 21

our town is so rinky dinky that you have to order nursing bras through the lactation consultant at the hospital. at least she mesures and takes the engorgement factor into concideration. everyone who's ordered from her has been happy.


Julie - May 21

Try Gap they seem to fit best


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 21

I bought several pair of these not realizing the problem. At first it was hard, but now that I am 19 wks and looking much larger no problems anymore. I really don't like the panel pants anymore. It is sooooo HOT where I am (Texas) and the thought of having more fabric over my belly is too much. If I could lay naked in the yard under a sprinkler I would. It is gonna be a long long summer.


lyn - May 21

i love my hipster old navy shorts and capris. the full panel ones suck because it is so hot now and they make my belly even hotter.


Cher - May 23

I am 16 wks pregnant now and I think that my pants will fit better when I have a bigger belly for them to cling to - so grow baby grow:)


Davida - May 23

LOL!!! I just took off my jeans like that and vowed to NEVER wear them again!!! My capris are fine but for some reason the jeans fit awful! I'm 14 wks and have been told I look 5 mos so there is plenty here too! I'll have to try GAP and Old Navy! Hang in there everyone!


Beth - May 23

I am having the EXACT same problem, and what else sucks about them is when washing the elastic band inside gets all bent up and twisted around and there is almost no way to fix it. . .aarrgghh.


marie - May 23

old navy online has good deals and they have $5 shipping. Old navy's jeans look like rgular jeans when you have them on also.


EVA - June 9

I absolutely love Old Navy! It's like it makes you "seem" (not fat) lol.... Old Navy jeans are the best.



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