Q On Feeling Baby Movement

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marie - February 27

On my 19th week I feel some baby movemts everyday..Yesterday I entered 20th week..I feel much baby movement..I did went for grocery and was very tired after..Later little pink when wipe then no more..Today I just feel very little movement in the morning and hasn't feel anymore since for today...I would like to know if this is normal? That some day u don't feel much at all?? Is because the baby tired and sleep a lot? Thanks!


Mindi - February 27

I am 22 weeks and I didn't feel the baby as much over yesterday, but am feeling him more today. I think it comes and goes when you aren't that far along.....at least I hope so.


Deb - February 27

I am 21 weeks and some days I feel it a lot, and others I hardly feel it at all. The baby does sleep a lot and maybe it is just active when you are sleeping, so you don't notice it.


EM - February 27

This is normal, but you might want to get checked since you had some light spotting or at least call your doc for peace of mind. Some days I felt my son was practicing for a boxing match then other days he was pretty quiet.


Roary - February 28

I am amost 21 + weeks. For instance, on Sunday I went and heard some live african drum music and the baby then spent the entire day kicking and vibrating around--nonstop!!! Then on Monday he must have been tired because he didn't start getting active until the afternoon. Usually I play music and feel popping around in the morning for an hour or so, but not yesterday. I have heard that at 20 weeks many people have a day or even two where they don't feel much at all.


marie - February 28

Thanks for all your answers..Today I went for mine first U/S (20 wks)..I didn't see the baby move much on the screen..The tech said the baby is quiet..also said the s_x is Maybe a girl..maybe..I did feel the baby move much today..Thanks again for the responses..


livdea - February 28

marie...where are you from? Reading your post remindes me of my Brazilian girlfriend! Just makes me smile!



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