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Sarah - May 29

I am in my 13th week, less or more, and I was wondering what heartburn feels like. Could someone please explain it to me? I am also wondering if anyone else has had any pains in their lower abdomen/belly button area at this point? It only hurts in the morning when I wake up. It feels like I am stretching out on the inside. It goes away, but then the next morning or so it does it again. Should I be worried? Or is it normal?


Kara - May 30

Your pain sounds normal - all your muscles and ligaments in your uterus are stretching around the growing baby, I used to get it when i first got up too, because they've been supported all night by you lying down, then when you get up, the muscles have to do the work again, and they hurt a bit. Also, I am familiar with heartburn! It's like a burning at the top of your stomach that reaches up toward your chest or throat - caused by acid refluxing up your oesophagus. Rennies are a good help I found. All the best! :-)


Lily - May 31

Heartburn is very common for me! It feels like something is burning just under my sterum or right between by b___sts. Now and then I get a bile taste in my mouth. If this is something you experience, try using tums. Or if you'd rather, have an extra gla__s of milk during the day, the calcium will help. But if it because too much, and you begin popping tums like candy, talk to your doctor, he may have a better solution. I had heartburn, every day, all day! And it would even make my nausea worse sometimes. My doc gave me a pregnancy safe prescription and I haven't had heartburn since. Your stomach pains sound pretty normal. Around the end of my first trimester I had the same types of pain you are having...It's just the muscles of your stomach shifting and stretching to make room for the baby as it grows...Since you were lying down, it could be a little painful as you start moving around in the morning. It certainly was for me! Good Luck!



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