Quad Screen

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me - June 23

Why am I freaking out about this. Mainly its the u/s Im scared of. I ve had lots of regular ones but, I keep thinking, what if the organs arent forming right! I swear if it isnt one thing its another. Has everyone had pretty good luck with this test?


Lynn - June 24

I took the triple screen which is less accurate than the quad screen last week and everything was fine. I read somewhere that it was most accurate between weeks 16 & 18 so I scheduled mine for when I was 16w3d. I'm 29 so the standard chances of a baby with downs for me are 1 in 1100. The older you are when you take the test the more liekly it will come back positive since the "window" of normal gets smaller and smaller with age.


KLM - June 24

I just did the test and don't know the results, am 27 so I know its unlikely but still very worried. Plus I've read about a lot of abnormal resutls whent he baby was fine. I'm nervous about the u/s, but I am nervous about everything. My b/f isn't helping, every comment hes's like -maybe your anemic, maybe you have placents previa, maybe this maybe that -maybe he should shut up! LOL, he works in the medical field and believe's he is a doctor but he is not!!!


Amy - June 24

Hi, This is exactly why I chose not to take the quad test. I did not want any unnecessary worrying. I'm enjoying being pregnant and do not want to stress out for "nothing" or "false positive" results. The quad test is optional...so I chose against it. I had my 20-week ultrasound recently and everything looks good there. If anything turns out to be wrong with my baby, then I will deal with that then. Have a good day and try to think about all the good things and not worry unless you have specifics to worry about. Believe me, I know this is harder to do than say...but I am speaking from experience. I can usually worry myself sick about stuff, but since I have been pregnant, I decided to really take a different approach. That approach is to genuinely think positively about every aspect of my pregnancy and to enjoy everything as much as possible. This is my first pregnancy and have just been learning as I go like everyone else. Have fun and enjoy your new babies!



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