Question Quot Bump Quot Found On Lower Stomach

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ThePezChick - April 24

Last night as my husband and I were lying in bed I noticed something I hadn't felt before. On my lower right side, right next to my pelvic bone, I can feel a hard "bump". I traced it inward towards the middle of my stomach as far as I could feel it and it's at least as big as my fist. Actually, I'm sure it's larger. I just can't feel the entire thing completely. This may sound stupid, but is this the baby/my uterus? This is my first pregnancy and I haven't read anything about being able to feel such a thing. I'm assuming that's what it is, but in case it's not I wanted to check and see. Thanks for the help! The information you guys have shared and I've learned from you and your experiences has been awesome!


michellep - April 24

I have the same thing, only on my left side. I was thinking it was a ligament or something stretching. I'm only 15 weeks, and I'm a__suming you wouldn't be able to feel the baby yet, too small?


AppleCake - April 24

It sounds exactly like your uterus- this is what mine has felt like at that stage with 2 pregnancies. Around the 12 week mark (but depending on the size and shape of the mama/uterus etc) the uterus does start to peek above the pelvis. For me it felt just like a hard "bump" in the middle first preg, and to the left this time (the babe lies on the left side most of the time) but from previous posts and replies in here I gather not everyone feels it like that. If it is indeed your uterus, in a week or so it will be noticeably bigger or higher and before long you will be quite sure it is what you can feel- however I would still suggest you see your doctors, they will be able to tell you EXACTLY what it is, and advise you accordingly.


ThePezChick - April 24

I went to see my doctor today about the lump. The doctor isn't sure what it is, although he did say there's a possiblity it's a fibroid. He wants me to get an ultrasound ASAP. The soonest they have an available appt. is Tuesday at 11:30. Needless to say I'm a little stressed... especially after he said, "I'll be interested in finding out what that is." Hopefully it's nothing, but until I find out I'm going to worry. :(


Evonna - April 24

Usually when laying down for a long period of time, your baby finds a position to sleep and remain there until awaken. This is usually in the lower abdomen where the baby is head down in the pelvis area. The lump is his/her shoulder blade or back. It's hard to the touch and stays that way because he/she is sleep and does not feel a thing at the moment. It happened to me all the time, my baby would settle lower in my abdomen and rest. I would put my fingers on the bump and press on it a couple of times, then she'll move all of a sudden. Don't worry, it's just her sitting still or sleep.



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