Question About Quot 20 Week Ultrasound Quot

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TamaraAngel - January 26

I have an appnt with my doctor next Friday and at that point i'll be 17 weeks pregnant. He said at that appnt we'll schedule my u/s. I know at the "20 week u/s" they check the heart and lungs and spine, etc... and gender. Being as impatient as i am, i'll be tempted to schedule it as soon as he'll let me... like at 18w for instance. If i have it done at 18 weeks can they still check for everything they are supposed to check for at 20 weeks? Or should i wait as close to 20 weeks as possible? I'm dying to find out gender!


jessicaspatherapist - January 26

my doc says its fine to schedule between 18-21 if you can get it!


Tammy276 - January 26

They schedule the 20w u/s anytime between 18 and 22 weeks.....I had mine done around 18 weeks and we found out the gender


DDT - January 26

I had my u/s done at 18w6d and we found out the gender.


blackbeauty5037 - January 27

had mine done at 18 weeks all was well....its a girl


SaraH - January 30

they should be able to.


aliciavr6 - January 30

I know girls who had theirs done in weeks17 and 18. My doctors office wouldn't schedule mine before 20w though, even after begging haha.


Diann - January 31

due to the d/s ratio you may actually get more then 1 u/s. typically you only get 1 per pregnancy unless there are issues. i had 2 for the d/s issues and just had another yesturday for a blood pressure issue. I go again in 6wks due to placement of the placeta. witrh my first there was only one u/s


c_baer19 - January 31

It depends, they also do the screening for features commonly a__sociated with Down Syndrome, like they look at the space behind the nose and all that junk. I think it is 18-20 weeks, but I don't think that my hospital lets me schedule it earlier than 20 weeks, yours might not either. Just think anyway, if you wait those 2 weeks, your baby will be even bigger and more fun to see. =)


smileygirl - January 31

It is best to schedule it for at least 20 weeks or later. You can definitely find out the gender weeks before that, but they also check for abnormalities and defects during the ultrasound. I had mine done at 19 1/2 weeks and of course we found out the gender but we have to go back and have another ultrasound because they found some cysts on the brain of our little boy that can be totally normal, but they don't clear up until at least 20 weeks or later. These cysts, if they don't go away, are a minor marker for Trisomy 18 ( a lethal form of Down Syndrome). I sometimes wish we would have waited for our level 2 ultrasound because these cysts would probably have been gone by then, and saved us almost 7 weeks of worrying. Also they check so many other things that the later you wait, the better because everything is finishing forming.


MommyMeg07 - January 31

Mine wouldn't let me do it until 20 or after either


Faye84 - February 1

Personally Id suck it up and wait the two extra weeks, they will get a better picture of everything. I waited until I was 22 weeks to get mine done. I have heard though that you can get it starting at 18 weeks, but just remember if they cant find the gender you might not be able to get another ultrasound. ( might want to check w/ your insurance first to see and then decide )



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