Question About Babies Last Name

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SAR - April 15

hi gals, especially the aussie ones. i'm just wondering if anyone knows what the rules are with giving your bub its surname. this is our first so i've never had to register a birth with Births, Deaths & Marriages. we are not married and i still have my original last name (ie. not hyphenated with his) we haven't decided yet whether we'd like to give our child my partner's surname or a hyphenated surname (partner's-mine). who does the baby get named after, or does it not matter these days? could you call it "smith" or "jones" if you wanted??? i can't phone BDM to ask during work hours as ppl at work don't know i'm preggers. thanks.


Trish - April 15

I don't know about where you are but here in Washington you can give the baby whatever last name you want. regardless if you are married or not. You can even pick a name out of the phone book if you want.


Steph - April 15

I gave my kids their dads last name then we split up and now I wish they had my last name! It sucks bc when the teachers call or see me with them they say Hi Mrs. Patrick and then I need to correct! It really sucks! If you will eventually share the same last name or you feel confident with the person whom you are with then go forr it otherwise give the baby your name!


bec - April 16

hi, me an my partner arn`t married but im ganna give the baby his surname as his is better then mine an both dont go.if u give it your partners name then brake up you can have it changed bak to yours if u like.


SAR - April 16

thanks trish, steph and bec. that's helped me a lot. i think i will give our bub his dad's surname (i'm starting to think that a double-barrell hyphenated surname might be too long). plus my partner is the last male in his line of the family, so if we have a boy it would be nice to continue my partner's surname. i know his parents would be thrilled to have that happen too. thanks again and take care.


nick - April 16

In New York you can not change the name back to yours without the permission of the father. We went through this with my step- daughter and her mother. Luckily she was not able to change her name. The laws may be different in Australia


Heather - April 18

where i live the baby takes the mother's last name in the hospital.. but you can fill out the birth certificate with whatever name you want.


Hayley - April 18

Hi Sar I am in the same situation and have tried to seek advice myself about surnames. I wanted to give my baby my surname but my boyfriend and his family say it should be his. It's already caused arguments. Apparently you can register it as any name even if it's neither yours nor your partners. To save arguments we have decided to give him a double barrelled one so he gets both of our surnames. A bit long winded I know but think it's our best option!



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