Question About Bellies

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Wendi - November 18

I was wondering: i always thought the lower part of your belly gets bigger cuz thats where the baby is but lately the lower is staying the same and the part above my belly button is getting larger. But i still have the line where your belt would be (as if you were wearing tight jeans). I always thought your belly button bulges out. Your input is apprec.


E - November 18

As your pregnancy progresses, the uterus moves up and out. At the end of the 8th month, it will be all the way up to your b___bs:) Your b___bs will have a nice cliff to rest upon.


Nicole - November 19

Perfectly fine. I always thought that too.. that your "pubic" area would grow and then everything would bloat out, but I have my belly starting by my belly b___ton and out too. All of the pictures I've seen to reference are showing the bottom part normal and the belly sticking out above that. Does that make sense? ~16w 5d


angela - November 19

Not everone carries their pregnancy the same way. It depends on the shape of your body and other factors as well. I am on my second pregnancy and my stomach grew the same both times, first bulging out around my navel and pubic area and slowly getting bigger below my b___st as i get further navel never popped out either. Just remember everyone is different and you should always consult your doctor about any concerns you have about your pregnancy. They have seen it all!


Wendi - November 20

Thanks for the answers. I haven't been around anyone that was pregnant and I was curious. I seem to be growing above my navel more. I guess that is what concerned me most. I am 17 weeks along.


claire - November 21

Me too, i thought it was the naughty reats i keep eating!! Thanks girls xx 18w 3d


Traci - November 28

Cool, this is the exact question I've been looking for! This is what is happening to me too, and was wondering if it was just my imagination. Very cool to see others doing the same thing!


bry - November 28

Your baby will "drop" in your 9th month and will be a lot lower.


Lakeshia - December 17

When you go to the bathroom why do it feels like presser is pushing down


Tasha - December 17

I had been wondering the same thing...glad to see I am not alone! *20 wks and 5 days*


lilmama - January 2

every pregnant woman shows differently, some will be high, some low, some get bigger on the sides. Old wives tales say that low babies are boys high are girls and if you stick out more than around its a boy but if it is more on the sides its a girl. I think thats what they say anyway, I dont buy that c___p though, you have a 50/50 chance of being right, ya know.


tf - January 27

Can anyone tell me what their belly felt/looked like when they first started showing?


eyebeeablessing2u - January 27

The reason you have 2 beelies is b/c your uterus is puching everything upwards. At 20 weeks or so it should look like one PG belly.



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