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dee23 - April 7

hi all, just wanted to know if this sounds normal or not. at my 20 wk app. my blood pressure was at 80/60 and the app. i had today (25wks) was 110/70. is that normal? im horribly terrified of swelling up...should i drink more water? it just doesnt sound right to me because of the huge difference in the 2 app's. my doc was in a hurry to deliver a baby and i couldnt ask him any questions, yet another waste of moeny app., cheers.


CyndiG - April 7

110/70 is normal. 80/60 sounds kindof low to me, but I'm no nurse. My blood pressure has been up the past two months and I have to lie on my left side for 10 minutes or so, and then they check it again. Mine was 140/90 and that was "a little high" so you're good at 110/70.


marie - April 7

They said that a normal blood pressure is 120/80. So if the number is below 120 and the 2nd number is below 80, then I think that's normal.. Anything below 100/60, they said will be considered low blood pressure which is not good either. I thope this helps.


EricaG - April 7

Hi Dee23, It does seem odd that there is such a difference in the two. The other girls are right that 80/60 is considered low blood pressure. those are usually the numbers that my blood pressure is around. Doctors have often had to redo the blood pressure cuff on me several times in order to get a number high enough that it reads on the little gage. i've also gone in and had them say "well according to this, you're dead". If you're blood pressure is really low you may feel dizzy or pa__s out. If you can, drink a lot of water or gatorade, that will help your blood pressure go back up. I don't think that low blood pressure is as dangerous as high blood pressure but it can be bad. I get this thing (can't remember the name of it) where my blood pressure actually gets so low that all my blood has to rush to my main orgnas in order to keep them going, In that happening, my other veins and everything are left empty and therefore collapse. This causes me to pa__s out. I think that maybe you should buy a little blood pressure thing and monitor your own blood pressure for a couple of weeks. write down what it is and if it seems low often then I would ask your doctor about it. It ma have just been a freak thing, maybe you were dehydrated or something, but better safe than sorry. :o) good luck. BTW 110/70 is a great number to be at.


fefer1 - April 7

My normal BP is around 80-90/60 so I wouldn't worry. Mine is low so being at 110/70 is great! I wouldn't worry at all about it at this point. Just make sure you keep eating..when i don't I get dizzy or really tired.


Revel - April 8

well through out this whole rpegnancy my bllod pressure has ranged from 84/40 to 118/49 i thought that was way low so i asked dr and he said its fine taht some ppl just have low blood pressure so iwouldnt worry asmuch unlesit gets high :o


Roary - April 8

Before I became pregnant my blood pressure used to dip as low as 70/40 ( on a few occa__sions even a little lower, seriously) for a mixture of diet and exercise related reasons. Now that I am pregnant (27 + weeks) it has sky rocketed from my original baseline. At my last appointment (and granted I get anxiety attacks from just having to go to the doctor) my bloodpressure was 120/65. I really don't think you need to be too worried. Your body has to make concessions to an increasingly put upon cartiovascular system.


3babies - April 8

Hi Dee it is normal for some people to have low blood pressure usually, and then in the first half of pregnancy the hormones actually lower it further. In the second half of pregnancy it tends to creep up. Although 110/70 isnt high, the doctor will still keep an eye on it because they have to watch the amount it rises from normal, not just the final number. At the moment your bottom number has only risen by 10 mmHg, which would be considered within normal limits. Dont worry ... all is still good!



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