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ejmeskan - April 4

I was just curious if anyone has actually fainted/passed out during their pregnancy. I just passed out at lunch (like don't remember exactly what happened but woke up on the ground). I have never passed out before, however I have been light headed and faint in both this pregnancy and my first pregnancy. I talked to the nurse and she said this is normal. I have an appt on Tuesday and she said they will just test my blood to make sure my iron isn't to low. Has this happened to anyone? If so, what were the reasons. Honestly- I know this is common in pregnancy so I really am not to freaked out about it. I am interested to hear what others experience is.


ejmeskan - April 4

I am 12 weeks by the way


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 4

When I was about 20w with my daughter DH and I were standing in line at Verizon and I tried and tried to keep focused. I felt dizzy, and then all of a sudden I grabbed DH and he was cranky cause the wait so he got mad. I burst into tears and told him I was about to faint and he caught me just in time. He said he sorta dragged me to a seat (as if I was drunk and couldn't catch my balance) Then with this one, on Tuesday I was cooking, I was hot hungry and I didn't feel good and thought I needed to throw up. I ran to the bathroom then started to feel like I did with my daughter but made it to the bed before anything happened. DH didn't know at first but told me to lay down the remainder of the night. I burned the beans and rice I made lol But it only happens if I stand to long. The doctor tells me to always switch putting pressure on one leg or the other. Also, lift one leg every now and then (like the girls who kiss in movies) It has helped but I also forget alot.


mjvdec01 - April 4

It happened to me a few times during my first pregnancy. My OB also told me it was normal and has to do with the extra blood flow. I haven't had any episodes during this pregnancy though. I am 24 weeks 1 day.


MandaMariiex3 - April 6

omg im 15 wks pregnant and i just got out of the hospital bc f sever dizzyness/ was the most awful time in the hospital so far i was also there for sever vomiting and dehydration but thats another topic.. they thought it may have been low blood pressure ..or an ear inffection..but turns out they had no idea and sent me to ym primary one figuerd out why i was fainting so much and couldnet walk straight but then i started coughing up alot of phlegm (GROSSS) and it went away i figured it out myselfe lol if u start feelign that way everytime u get up it could posibly get worse be very carefull if u feel like ur going to fall over all the time get to the hospital dont want to hurt yourselfe or the baby!!!!


ejmeskan - April 6

Sorry to hear about that rough run at the hospital! I actually am pretty sure I have bronchitis right now so I think that may have something to do with it. I feel much better today and don't even feel faint! I have my reg appt where my doc is back from out of town so hopefully he will shed some light!


firstXmommy26 - April 15

my story is embarrasing but i will share it! day of my first ultra sound (8 weeks) i am 14 weeks now, came home, then proceeded to sprain my ankle badly, had to get up in the middle of the night to pee for the 100th time and hopped to the bathroom, apparently the pain and how i stood up to fast and still being half asleep was just too much, as i sat on the toilet, with just a tshirt and panties at my ankles all of a sudden WHAM!! i went face first into the floor, proceeded to split my lip in the inside right down the middle. my mother in law came in and rescued me. she had to clean up the blood and help me back to bed .i had fainted and fell off the toilet!!! how embarrasing is that!! but thank heavens i havent done that since. i stand up slower now and when i need to sit down i do. it seems to have helped.


ejmeskan - April 15

Oh no firstX!!! That's crazy!!! Glad you are ok!!! Hey when are you do? I am 14 weeks on Thursday!



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