Question About Incompetent Cervix

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Sims1 - October 28

has anyone been diagnosed with this? has anyone had to have get a cerclage done? I am in my 11th week, and from my 7 week ultrasound dr found that i was dilated, so a look by the ob a couple of days ago he said i have a small/short cervix and will have to get stiches put in. Has anyone been through this, and does it hurt? has anyone had a bad experience with one? i'm scared and nervous.


peeplee - October 28

I know one person who had this done twice, and she had not problems what so ever. It is scary to go through, but it is necessary for you and the baby. Usually they will keep you the day or even the night to make sure everything is okay. Doctors go through this day in and day out, so be sure to ask him all the questions you have to make you feel better. Know that there are many people to have had this done, and they have been just fine. Good Luck to you!!!! Stay strong.


goldfish - November 1

ye i recently had a cerclage on me just 2 weeks back its not at all bad and painless go for it and dont worry


Sims1 - November 1

really? what about the risk of miscarriage or infection....also, did they use general anesethetic? My doc said he'll be puttng me under....i'm not to sure how healthy that can be for the baby.


ShoppingForTwo - November 1

Yes there is a small chance of misscarriage or infection BUT its way better than the 100% chance of delivering in the early second trimester. The doctors will keep you for observation to make sure you won't go into labor from the cerclage (that's where the miscarriage part comes in at) and maybe you should talk to your doctor about putting you on antibiotics for the possibilty of infection. Sims1, have you asked your doctor any questions since the last time you and I talked?


Sims1 - November 2

shopping, my dr briefly spoke to me about the risks. but i am just curious what other women have gone through and how it felt etc. btw i didn't get your email. not sure if you got the right email address. simal_dhillon at hotmail dot com.


ShoppingForTwo - November 2

Ok sims I sent it again. Let me know if you get it okay? Oh and I met with a nurse praticioner today and she said they put you on intavenous antibiotics during and after the cerclage is placed. That's good news, yay!


goldfish - November 9

hey sim did u get cerclage done?. kuch nahi hoga yaar himmat rakho. U wont even come to know good luck


Sims1 - November 10

kasa maluum laga ma indian hu? lol abhi nahi. I see my ob on tues and he will determine when and what to do. I've had time to get used to the idea so i dont' feel as scared as when I first had the initial shock. I've since met a couple women who have had it and they were fine. How are things with you? I"m officially done my 12th week. so happy to be out of 1st trimester. How far along are you?


goldfish - November 20

dhillon surname se i guessed.Poonam dhillon was one beautiful actress so took a guess .So kya hua bhai did u get ur stiches put how are you now?.


Sims1 - November 21

where can you see my last name? i don't have to get the st_tch they will monitor it instead. the lengh grew from less than 3 to 4.5....but it's still dilated in the middle but closed on the dr says he will monitor and in the mean time i have to just take it easy.



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