Question About Level 2 Ultrasound

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shellster - January 17

I was wondering if the tech who preforms this will tell you right then if she sees anything unusual, or if you will have to wait for the report by the doctor???


Tracy88 - January 17

I had the worst experience with my level 2. Me, my mom, and my husband were in there having a grand old time with the tech, laughing and admiring the baby. She finished and said she was going to run her scans/measurements by the doc and would be back. Since this is common for them to do there, I didn't think anything of it until the doctor came into the room with grim reaper face. He did not say hello......not one word until he was finished scanning me....which was about 5 to 10 minutes later. I can't tell you how long since it just felt like forever. So when he was done he proceeded to tell me that my baby has an Echogenic Focus on her heart and blah, blah, blah...... My point is, I do not think the tech has the authority to tell you anything outside of the norm or diagnosis-wise. I can almost guarantee you will have to wait for word from the doc. The tech told me the gender and showed me all the good stuff like the feet and fingers etc...


Tracy88 - January 17

PS, don't mean to worry you about your scan. It was a beautiful experience and I have since had another scan and everything is great.


sarahd - January 17

My tech told us from the beginning that if there had been something wrong, she wouldn't tell us, she would have called the radiologist in to double check and he/she would be the one to tell us. Luckily my little one was healthy! Tracy I'm sorry to hear about your news - I hope everything turns out well for you and your baby.


DownbutnotOUT - January 17

I was told by the u/s tech towards the end of the u/s that everything was fine, im not sure who delivers the bad news though. good luck and take care


Tracy88 - January 17

SarahD, thanks for your kindness. I believe everything is fine for many reasons. Firstly, the marker they found is a soft marker and they did only find one. Plus, all of my measurements and bloodwork have come back completely normal. I went for a repeat U/S on Monday and he didn't even mention the spot on the heart. Most of the time the echogenic foci disappear on their own, and they are very common in normal fetus', so I am not worried. Thanks though.


emunah - January 17

Most tech's will tell you the s_x of the baby if requested and the good stuff. They won't tell you if something is wrong.


suze42 - January 17

tracy88, My friend who was 34 at the time also had a level 2 that indicated the echogenic focus...she was naturally alarmed but did not want to do amnio. lucky for her, her brother is an OB, so she asked him and he basically said NOT to worry, that is one of the most inconsistant markers for DS, and it resolves usually by the next U/S. She trusted him, did not get the amnio and sure u/s was fine, and her now 4 yr old girl is normal and very bright. I do not know why they even tell moms this stuff... But Im sure you are fine too.


jessica72 - January 18

In my case the tech took all the measurements and made commentary here and there about size, what we were looking at, measured cervix, etc. But every time I'd ask, does that look okay to you? He would say to him all looked well, but he'd let the doctor speak to me. Luckily our doctor is a sweetheart, but still it was weird wondering if the tech was withholding something or not.


Tracy88 - January 18

Thanks Suze, that does make me feel more confident that I made the right decision not to do the amnio. I told the doc I would wait for the last round of bloodwork to come back and if it came back abnormal, then I would do the amnio, but it didn't, so I decided against it and never gave it another thought. I also didn't ask about the echogenic focus during this week's U/S because I figured if he had a genuine concern, he would have spoken up. He didn't even go there, so I left it alone.


suze42 - January 18

tracy, I wonder why the docs dont just say "hey this is fairly common, lets do another u/s in a month and see where we stand, most likely it wil resolve, if not theres always the option for an amnio" Now wouldnt that be so much better than their silence and doom and gloom. I just dont get it.


c_baer19 - January 18

Technically, the tech is not supposed to tell you anything - that's for the doctor to tell you, unfortunately.


GINAVILLE - January 18

It really depends, they are not really susposed to tell you anything, but I got lucky because the same girl has done all 3 of my kids so she knows us and I only request her when I go because I know she will tell me and I trust her. So if you find one of them that you like you can request her on your next visit. Shonny


suze42 - January 18

my regular tech, which has scanned me thru 2 m/c and now this pg, is pretty cool too. But she wont be doing my level 2, they send us to the perinatal clinic for that.



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