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skylersmom - May 16

i just really need to know someones opinion on taking vicodin while pregnant. ive found nothing bad on the internet other than the baby getting addicted if you take it too much. which is not what im doing at all. i have taken it a few times to relieve either my head or back ache. anyone have any input? thanks....


divinelibra - May 16

i don't know much about it either. but im sure its like anything. take in low doses and in moderation. i heard narcotics aren't bad for baby as long as you watch it. i'd check with your OB though. she may have a different opinoin.


Kristin72 - May 16

I would avoid taking vicodin at all costs. The pharmeceutical companies may not have done extensive studies on the affects of this drug on unborn fetus'. All drugs should be avoided during pregnancy..if you have a headache...try a natural method and if all else fails tylenol is the only one approved by doctors. Just think how vulnerable a fetus is nevermind a newborn..would you stick vicodin in it's bottle? The baby would probably die..I would not take any chances..Just try and go the nine/ten months without this kind of high powered dangerous drug. Your baby will thankyou in the long run..and if you have already taken could be killing your fetus and you don't even know..I would not want that hanging over my head. Good Luck! Kristin


skylersmom - May 16

thats really freakin more for me! i thought ive done enough research on it. although, i have heard of many pregnant girls who get perscribed vicodin..........


venus_in_scorpio - May 16

I would not take it every day but narcotic a___lgesics are preferred over NSAID's such as advil or alieve in pregnancy. If you take it just before baby is born or frequently, baby will have withdrawal when it is born. Other than that I dont think its that bad in moderation, like if you have dental surgery or something theres no way tylenol is going to cut it and you shouldnt take motrin I dont think. Of course, ask the doc...


yourtrish - May 18

I would say talk to a doctor. No one on this site is qualified to give you an answer. For the record, I've been prescribed many pain meds and muscle relaxants WHILE pregnant due to a rare disorder I have. Sometimes ladies, you just don't have a choice. One thing to make sure is that you do not take drugs in Cla__s C or D ever unless you're being monitored by a doctor and even Cla__s B should always be prescribed (all drugs are cla__sified into cla__ses for pregnancy risks, Cla__s A has tylenol and I think that's all...even cough medicine falls into Cla__s B). Kristin72, you're right under normal circ_mstances, no one recommends a pregnant woman any meds off hand, but sometimes the benefits outway the risks like in my case. If I do not take care of my disorder, my chances of miscarriage would be much higher and may be fatal to both me and the baby. I didn't get sick until I got pregnant, so there was no way for me to avoid this, and the doctors all agree that I can take these meds without feeling unbelievable guilty about harming my please don't scare woman on this board unless you are an actual MD and can give real medical advice.


Kristin72 - May 18

Yourtrish, the benefits to you may outweigh the risks yes...but the medication you are taking could very well have longterm effects on your fetus...not even your doctor can say for absolute sure..because they do not know the longterm effects. The same way they can not tell you why many miscarry in the first place...they just don't know. Most pharmeceutical studies do not do extensive longterm testing (minimum 10-15 years) on their drugs because they are in the market of selling their drugs..I will say it again.. it is best avoid taking strong medications for the sake of your unborn baby..unless you have a fever over 102 or an illness that could be pa__sed along to the fetus. Tylenol will reduce fever. I too had to take this when I had the flu last week. Very reluctantly I might add. I am not saying that a doctor will not prescribe you medications they will..with a smile on their face...but they do even when they do not know the long term effects of these drugs during your pregnancy. If you prefer to take the chance it is completely your choice as all things are during pregnancy....if you can avoid them at all costs I would try to exhaust as many natural methods as possible.. Your trish I know this is obviously not realistic for your situation..I just hope everything will remain healthy for you..I just hope I am not faced with such a challenging decision for my babies health..Good Luck and I pray everything will be fine..that is what we all want... healthy babies!


mcatherine - May 18

Skylersmom - 10 years ago I was hospitalized for 6 weeks prior to the birth of my son. I had gallstones and pancreat_tis (which is extremely painful). There were no alternatives other than pain medication to help me through those weeks. I couldn't sit up, I didn't eat one drop of food the entire time and I was given demerol on a daily basis and towards the end - amost hourly - to the a__surances of many doctors that it would not cause damage to my unborn child. I was induced 5 weeks early and gave birth to a very healthy little boy - who exibited no where near the withdrawl symptoms they expected. He is now 10 years old - a straight A student, an avid baseball player and stands atleast 7" taller than everyone his age. I would trust your doctors on this one. I find it hard to believe that any doctor would knowingly recommend you take something that would cause you or your baby harm without telling you the risks. Although it is a controlled substance - it is still proven to be safer than many otc medications. Good luck and I hope you feel better!


Newhoneybuns - May 18

Best thing to do is talk to your doctor about it and he will tell you if it is safe or not :)


emilymalm - May 18

My doc said it is safe to take in small quant_ties. I took it in the very beginning for the huge amount of headaches I got. I didn't know I was pregnant. Vicodin has 500mg of tylenol in it which can be hard on the liver if you take too much.


yourtrish - May 18

mcatherine, how did your susbsequent pregnancies go? i actually started having severe gallbladder during the first few weeks of my pregnancy and by week 14 had to undergo an emergency surgery because i got jaundice and they were worried about pancreat_tis next. I too have been on demerol and other pain meds, and at this point, despite the fact that my gallbladder has been removed, have continued to have attacks. i'm at 24 weeks, so surgery is no longer an option (they wanted to try an ercp) and they are leaning towards sphincter of oddi dysfunction at this point. my biggest worry is obviously the effect on the baby, but i put my trust in god and am hoping that she is healthy as all of my tests and scans indicate. i want to know if i should expect the same reaction to pregnancy with any subsequent pregnancies. my husband and i wanted 2 or 3 children, but with all of the complications my body has caused so far with our first, it breaks my heart to go through this again with another baby. for now, obviously we want health and happiness for our little baby girl and would give the world for her to be healthy once this is all over, but at the back of my mind, i do not like taking these meds and worry constantly about what to expect. did you ever have any other children after your episode with the gallbladder?


mcatherine - May 18

Yourtrish - Sorry to hear you are going through so much. Like I said, I spent 6 full weeks in the hospital prior to my son's birth being pumped full of pain medication. The pain is unbearable, really taking away any alternative to the meds. Just like you, my scans showed a healthy child, but I don't think there is anything to ease one's mind until you actually hold your baby in your arms. I continued with the attacks until about 12 weeks post-partum and they ceased without medical intervention. My husband and I lost a child at 21 weeks (almost three years ago) due to a fatal birth defect (kidneys failed to form) - which I know for a fact is unrelated to anything I went through. The great news is although I experienced the loss, I am currently 24 weeks along with a healthy baby boy - and for the first time in 10 years - I have no heartburn!!! My son was born truly, truly healthy and to this day continues to grow and thrive and amaze us single day. I, too, believed that God was taking care of him since I couldn't. I was hesitant about having other children, but my doctors continued to tell me that everything I went through began with my gallbladder and it wouldn't happen again since the problem had been fixed. I am glad I finally listened. One thing we did do was to make sure that my OB and surgeon discussed every single detail throughout the entire ordeal. I think making sure there was great communication between the two doctors was the key to having top-notched care. I do have something to tell you that hopefully will make you smile - in my opinion - childbirth has nothing on what you are going through. You'll breeze through it after this! I hope I have helped you in some way. mc


yourtrish - May 18

mcatherine, thanks so much for the encouraging words. as much as I don't like taking any meds, I realize the importance of them in order for me to be able to make it to term, and my obgyn and specialist are actually discussing my case together step by step. my GI told me today that he had discussed my current meds with my obgyn and that they are cla__s b, so as safe as safe can be given my circ_mstances and both are trying to a__sure me that it's the right thing to do. i beleive you when you say that holding your baby in your arms is the only way to alleviate some of the stress and even then, i'll want each and every check up to go as planned before i let down my guard. but all in all, i agree with you! there's no way labour could be worse than these attacks...and i'm actually looking forward to the experience!



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