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missy - February 3

Hi ladies!! I am 25 weeks pregnant and for the past couple of weeks I have been feeling my girl like crazy. The last 2 days her movements have slowed down, I still feel her but not as much. Is this normal, anyone else going through this???


D - February 3

im not as far along as you 20 weeks but my little boy goes in streaks too last week he was slow and last couple of days hes been a non stop mover but then today again hes slowed down again as long as shes moving i think its ok maybe she just get into a differnt position and you can't feel her as well or your busy and don't notice as much


Tlew - February 4

Missy Im happy that you asked this question. I have experienced the same thing. Im 22weeks and last week he was soo busy. but for the last day he hasnt really been as mobile. good luck


minna_k04 - February 4

Even unborn babies have cycles. Like somedays they feel great and are all over the place and the next they are sorta lazy. Also the farther along you get, the less room they have to move, not that you are far enough along to worry about that she still has plenty of room, but it is perfectly normal. ANd babies are put to sleep by your movements, she probably moves more while you are asleep.


Leanne - February 8

I'm going through the same thing!!! I'm 25 weeks and was feeling the baby often but am noticing the movements slowing down. Some days I'll go hours without feeling anything. Today and yesterday have been quieter then other days. It's scary but I'm trying not to be so paranoid.


^lucy^ - February 8

Leanne, im 25 weeks and been feeling exactly as u said!! i feel my baby moves around all the time day and night but the past 2 days i noticed she's quieter than usual.. but then i feel her most at night and then i fall asleep so maybe she continues kicking while im asleep and i cant feel her :)



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