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mj - January 16

I am 20 weeks pregnant, and I definately have a round tummy now. Its not huge, but when I wear tight tops....its obvious I'm pregnant. Anyway, I went to one of my friends baby showers yesterday, and a couple ladies came up to me and were shocked how much I was showing at 20 weeks. I kindof thought I was normal?? Like I said above.....its not a huge belly, but a definate roundness?? when did you other moms get to that point???


Tillie - January 16

Mj, I'm 19 weeks and definitely showing!! In a tight shirt, you can tell from a mile away. I was about average size before getting pregnant and now I have a defined, round baby tummy! I think you (and I) are perfectly normal.


Lyd - January 16

I am 22 weeks and started showing big time at 17. Peoplecan be dumb, for lack of a better word. I think deep down they get some kind of strange satisfaction from messing with pregnant chicks.


K - January 16

People think that they can say anything they want to pregnant girls. People have told me that my face has chubbed up. Nobody wants to hear that!


Julie - January 16

MJ, yeah, I think its Definitely normal you are showing. I am 16 weeks today and have a bit of a tummy popping out. Not a ton, but I can feel it and only two pair of my jeans are comfortable anymore.....


me - January 17

If someone said that chubbed up comment to me, I would have told them that isn't nice to say to someone pregnant or not. Sometimes people don't htink before they speak and need to be told that. Like Lyd and K said, people are dumb and think they can say anything to you if your pregnant. Same goes for the belly rubbing. Stop them in their tracks if it bothers you. They probably think it is ok for them to just do it. Stupid people :)


Becca D - January 17

Yeah, people can be very rude. Every woman is different. I remember when I was pregnant with my son...I had a little belly at 20 weeks and was worried something was wrong, b/c other ladies I knew already were in full maternity...well, those girls were more pet_te than me (shorter) so the only place the belly had to go was out...I am taller so I didn't show as soon. Well with this pregnancy, I'm only 12 1/2 weeks and have had to buy a few maternity items to be comfortable. YIKES. I've only gained like 3 lbs, but my tummy is poking out!!



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