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Michelle C - January 31

h__lo only 9w4d but i wanted to ask a question about symptoms. is it normal to have them start to fade at this point or is it too early? my br___ts dont hurt nearly as much as they did and im not feeling exhausted like i was. i didnt really get any morning sickness at all so i guess i was luck y on that but after 3 miscarriages i cant help but worry. this is the furthest ive been in pregnancy and have a confirmed heartbeat for the first time but im still feeling extremely anxious about how my body feels. i dont get to see my doc until im 12 weeks so i was just hopeing for some reassurances. thanks.


Karoline - January 31

Hi Michelle. I think it is normal to have your symptoms start to fade. You also could be further along, but my symptoms started to fade around 10 weeks this time. I know how you feel. I am pregnant after a miscarriage and everything is so nerve wrecking. Even now that I am almost 19 weeks, I am nervous. Also, after you hear the heart beat, the chance of a miscarriage goes down significantly. Good Luck and I hope this pregnancy goes well for you.


baby#2inaug - January 31

Hi Michelle I'm Andria and I'm 13 weeks along. At the same time as you my symptoms dissapeared, then reappeared and are still kinda back and forth. I honestly wouldn't worry too much. I know this is easier said than done. I am a huge worrier too, but if you've heard a heartbeat already that's a really good thing I still haven't heard mine, 2 more sleeps. I can hardely wait.


Michelle C - February 1

thank you.


iakram - February 1

hi michelle, yes! it's completely normal...i started loosing them at about 10 weeks as well....i started freaking out thinking i was miscarrying but when i asked other ladies this question they said that it was completely normal! so everything should be alright :) baby#2inaug - when in aug are you due? I'm on baby # 2 as well !!


miraclebaby - February 1

I started right about that start of 10 weeks and was freaking out, its ok and normal I am now starting my 18th week and they still go off and on. :) :)



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