Question About Urine

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lexy - June 20

i went to the doc today, and have been losing weight since day 1. nurse said i had ketones (s/p) in my urine. anyone else having problem getting enough to eat during the day and if so, what did you do to change it. i feel like i am eating all day, but evidently not. just wondering


bbelmore - June 20

I lost weight until I was 6-7 months pregnant. In the end I wound up gaining 17 pounds over my lowest weight.


tryingx3 - June 20

Ketones are generally related to blood sugar levels and how your body is processing insulin. Did they mention seeing a dietician? Maybe you are eating the wrong things - for example, need more protein less carbs or vice-versa - something like that. I don't know - but might be something to ask.


lexy - June 20

thanks for the input. the only thing that the nurse really said was my body was going into starvation mode and i needed to eat more each day. plan on researching a little more online


olivia - June 20

I believe keytones mean your body is using your fat reserves instead of the food you are intaking. You need to boost your calories and water intake. I was admitted for dehydration with my first and my keytones were very high. After rehydration they were back on track. So make sure you drink lots of fluids as well as food. Actually you can kill two birds and drink something like gatorade or sports drinks which have both calories and are hydrating. Hope this helps! I lost weight with #1 until the second trimester and then gained slowly for at total of 19lbs. I was told (by my dr) in my second trimester to top off my daily calories with ice cream at night. Maybe that helped me gain the weight. I was not overweight to start so I needed to gain for my pregnancy. My baby was 7 lbs and very healthy. So far with this pregnancy I have lost 1/2 lb and am 14 weeks. So maybe ice cream again for me...


lexy - June 21

thanks, i read some more last night and i do need to up my fluid intake. i thought i was drinking enough, i guess i need to actually float to have enough. didn't have this problem with my 1st. everything is so different.


sunshyne9 - June 21

Ya ketones is fat buring.. I use to go to Dr.Beirnstein and they wanted to see ketones ni your urine or you were doing bad.. So your buring fat and thats why your down in weight. Eat maybe things wiht a little more fat in them and see how that works for ya..



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