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MichelleB - May 3

I am 24 weeks pregnant. Today I woke up with cramps, nothing too serious, but noticed that my bulge had dropped quite a bit. I feel the baby much lower. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this? I never know when its time to call a dr!


Maleficent - May 4

you can call the doctor whenever you feel like it! IMO, doctors are people we HIRE to care for us. they are working for you, call them up. okay, now that i've said that, i wouldn't worry much. baby probably changed positions. but if you are ever worried or just have questions don't worry about calling, just call.


MichelleB - May 4

Thanks Maleficent. I did call Dr today, as the cramps came back. The doctor thinks (and i think now that they told me) that it is a bladder infection. Doesnt explain the dropping, but I will ask her about it this PM at the appointment. I dont know how they treat Bladder Infections when you are preg with no medication? Any ideas?


Hanna - May 4

MichelleB I think that only thing you can pretty much do is drink tons of water, no s_x, and washing up and changing your undies (wear cotton undies) often throughout the day. I don't know if there is any medications though... anyone knows?


Staci - May 4

they have to treat bladder infections with an antibiotic. not all antibiotics taken in moderation of course, are dangerous during pregnancy. bladder infections can cause premature labor, as well as fever and kidney issues, so they will definitely prescribe an antibiotic. but they can only know if they do a urine culture, they shouldnt be diagnosing that you have a UTI via phone, you need to go in there for the test. while youre there, have them check the fetal position if you think it has dropped. Good luck!


Dana - May 9

I had a bladder infection when I was about 14 weeks pregnant. They treated it with a stonger antibiotic so that I was only on it for four days. It worked great and I haven't had any problems since. Good Luck!



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