Question For Moms About 20 Weeks On 2nd Pregnancy

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HannahBaby - May 31

I am 20 weeks with my 2nd baby and i have some nasty pain like right on my pubic bone on both sides and i also have some pressure when i stand for a long time. I remember this with my daughter but not until the end. I dont see my doctor unti the end of June so i was wondering if this is happening to anyone else


Betul - May 31

yes, everything starts earlier after the first! What you are describing could be Braxton-Hicks. I feel them all the time and I am only 22 weeks. Especially if I am out shopping or walking around a lot, I always feel the pressure from them. The other pain could also be ligament pain...normal and I am sure nothing to worry about, but mention it to your doctor at your next appointment.


iakram - May 31

Hi Hannahbaby. I'm not sure of the pubic bone pain. But the pressue thing i believe i can relate to. it's this v____al pressure like something is really heavy down there - if so then yup that's has happend this time around this is my 2nd pregnancy. I alway forgot to ask the Dr. but my mum said that it's because it's out 2nd we feel and notice things more often this time around. but i hope you feel better!


DJ - May 31

This is also my second baby and I'm 21 weeks and I feel lots of preasure in the same place. What scares me is that I'm feeling the baby move but it feels so low about 2 inches above my v____a. The dr. says it' normal but it feels uncomfortable and when these pokes become kicks I'm worried. I do notice I'm carrying in the front and lower down this time...


sophandbob - May 31

This sounds very much like the spd discomfort I posted about on the spd thread. However some pubic pain is normal, it is the pelvis beginning to get ready for the task ahead, and is not necessarily SPD. The good news is, that the dr can recommend physio and a special support belt to ease pain.


Celia - May 31

Hi Hannahbaby, I'm 18 weeks with my 2nd and experiencing the same thing. If I stand for long periods the pressure get's intense! I've had the sharp pains in the pubic bone also, it's not the same feeling as the ligament pain but actually feel's like the pain is in the bone itself. I mentioned it to my Dr last week, he did an internal exam and said everything looked good for me and that alot of women will experience more pain/pressure with each pregnancy. I don't remember the pressure this early with my first so it had me concerned also.


tayla1012 - June 7

hannababy, i am also due on 10/14/06. when was your conception date



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