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Mike31 - February 2

Hello all, my name is Mike and my wife is 14 weeks pregnant starting today, and we are both incredibly excited. My question deals with when a woman starts to show. My wife has a little pouch, but still wears all of her regular clothes. When does a woman really start to show, and have to wear maternity clothing? We have had two ultrasounds and both have gone great, including hearing the heartbeat at the last one, so Im not really concerned, it just seems that at the end of 13 weeks she should be showing a little more. Thanks for any help. Mike


Faye84 - February 2

Hi mike, Is this her first child? if so it may take a little Longer. This is my first child and I didnt start showing until I was around 20 weeks. I didnt have to buy maternity tops until I was almost 20 weeks, and I still and wearing my regular pants. ( i have something called a bella band where it goes around like a belt so your pants dont have to be zipped) every woman is different, But id say she really wont start "showing showing" until shes around 20 weeks or so.


Faye84 - February 2

Oh and Im 26 week btw


Mike31 - February 2

Hi Faye, yes this is her first pregnancy. She does use that band that you were talking about on some of her pants. Thanks for the reply, it makes me feel better.


aliciavr6 - February 2

Mike31 - I'm 21 weeks and still can wear my regular pants, this week I have been wearing my bella band everyday, but today my pants are b___toned and comfortable. I have only gained about 10 lbs. now. I am showing. One night she will just pop!


sahmof3 - February 2

No worries, Mike. I didn't show until 5 months with my first baby and he ended up a big, healthy 9 lbs. 5 oz.!


sarahd - February 2

Everyone's different. This is my first, and unlike some other ladies I was into maternity clothes at 14 weeks! However, most people DON'T show until quite a bit later with their first. Your ultrasounds looked good, so don't worry! Congrats!


mommybabyboy21 - February 2

I 22 weeks and I have to use the pregnancy band on all my pants...I don't know what I'll do when that stops, I can't find materinty pants that I like that feels comfortable. As for shirts 1/2 of my shirts fit fine the other half don't. And the pouch seems to grow so steadly I didn't really notice but now at work everyone says I am showing, and I have only gain 5 pounds, but it seems any extra weight that I had before teh baby has moved and seattle in my stomach. But at 14 weeks I could wear everthing fine....I think it was about that week that I went and bought the pregnancy band but didn't really have to wear it with any of my pants exect the ones that were kind of snug before pregnancy. And I thought I was never going to show or feel the baby.


bvue - February 2

I just excited that you are really into this pregnancy. Usually men just let things happen whenever the time comes. You are excited and can't wait. Great!


MNMOM - February 5

If it's her first child, she probably won't show for a few more weeks. I didn't s how until 20 weeks with my first!!!


c_baer19 - February 5

Hey Mike, I am 16 weeks today, and still wearing my normal prepregnancy clothing. It's my first, too, and I haven't even used a belly band yet over my pants, I can still b___ton them - although when I sit down, it's more comfortable to unb___ton the first b___ton, lol. It's totally normal for her to not be showing much right now, she might not even start showing for another few weeks, I just have a little pooch right now and I have normal weight gain. Good luck! =)


dot - February 6

o mike... I only started showing at 5months thats around 20 weeks and then it exploded... I was unmistakenly pregnant by 25 weeks (and continued to grow its weird that we want to show and then when we do we wish it would go away.... enjoy



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