Question On Brest Pumps

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jal239 - January 9

I am just about to register for baby items and have a question on brest pumps. I plan on brest feeding, but don't know which brest pump is best. There are so many options and I want something that will be easy to use. Thanks for your help.


cors1wfe - January 9

Before you buy one see if the hospital has a hand held one they usually give out for free - they work great - OR even better yet if they have a b___stfeeding clinic you may be able to rent an industrial one for pretty cheap monthly - that's what I did and I was happy I didn't make an investment in one - the ones we can buy at the store are no where near as good as one you can rent from the hospital - check that out! Good luck


Heather - January 9

I used the Medela Pump in Style for my first one. It worked just the same as the one I used in the hospital. It is a little expensive but I think it is cheaper in the long run versus renting one from the hospital.


PEB - January 9

I used the Medala pump and it worked great. it was a little expensive but i checked in to see if my insurance would cover it and it did so i didn't have to pay a dime. it might be something to look into and well worth it especially if you plan on having more children.


Jessicab3 - January 9

The ones you can buy in the department stores are basically worthless and HURT as well. If you have the money definately buy a Medela Pump in Style. They are one of the best on the market. One thing you can try is renting a Medela hospital pump the first month, insurance will usually pick that up and you get to keep the attachments that work with the Pump In Style. Then once you know for sure b___stfeeding is going to be a sure thing for you go out and buy the Pump In Style. Plus since you then already have the attachments you could buy a used one just for the pump and use your own attachments. Just a thought =)



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