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sammykjo - March 8

Today I'm 12 weeks 3 days, but I figured yall would be better able to answer my question than 1st trimester. Everything I've read said most women start showing anywhere from 3-5 months. This may sound funny, but would a good rule of thumb be, if you can't suck in your stomach, you're showing?!? I tend to get really bloated after I eat. If I let it all hang out, it looks like I'm showing big time, but I can suck it all in, for the most part. Just curious.


aliciavr6 - March 8

I'd go by what other people say. I started showing around 17 or 18 weeks.


ginger6363 - March 8

I've had bloating/showing since wk 11. I am almost 14 wks now and its just getting bigger. ppl say it looks like I have twins--nope, just a big belly! :)


debbie80 - March 8

Well I have been bloated since I was about 9 weeks and my dh family would comment that I was already showing. Now I am 15 weeks and the belly that is not there, isnt I am like gigner6363 looks like I am having twins....some people show a lot faster than others. I am very pet_te so I was a__suming that any amount of belly would be noticable....and it sure it.


Diva647 - March 8

When you show also depends on your age & the # of other pregnancies you've had. If this is your first & you're really young or thin you will look really "pregnant" later on (w/my 1st i didn't look pg in clothes until 5 months) but compared to where you were pre-pregnancy your stomach will look different. esp as the day goes on. You may look bloated at nite, I think it's all the hormones raging in your body & you may be retaining water. But then you'll wake up in the am & your stomach may be relatively flat, but by nitefall you'll be poking out a bit. Don't worry, the days are coming when there's no question that you're showing. esp w/2nd babies, the muscles in your uterus are streched out so you pop sooner & look preggers quicker. Everybody is different tho, weight, height & genetics play a role. But I'm guessing if this is your 1st you won't need real maternity clothes for awhile yet & you'll know when you're showing, there'll be no hiding it & it will hurt to suck it in. Do you take pix of your tummy? I took monthly photos of my belly to see the progression, so then in month 6&7 my 1st tri tummy looked really small! .....hope that helps


jessicaspatherapist - March 8

i started showing a lot this week and i'll be 20 weeks tomorrow. now it is easy to tell i'm pregnant without me saying "well i don't usually have a gut!" its no longer a gut, its a cute round ball of a belly!


c_baer19 - March 8

This is my first, and I'm 20 weeks along. I feel like I've been showing for awhile, but really only noticeably int he past few weeks, and even now if I have a sweater or jacket on you can't really tell!


JessC531 - March 8

I am 19.5 weeks, and I've been really showing for about 3 weeks now. This is my first, so I was surprised that it happened so early. I was bloated from about 7-8 weeks, but this is definitely no longer bloat...and I can't suck it in! LOL. I swear I'm getting bigger by the day! Everyone is different though. I have 2 friends who are due within a week of me, and neither of them are really showing yet. Or if they are, I can't tell! It will come... It's so exciting to get a baby belly! :)


Megan P - March 8

My belly is always bloated. I'm almost 14 weeks. It's a hard little bump below my belly b___ton, but I'm always so bloated that in clothes it looks as if it goes up underneath my b___bs! I can't wait till it reached my belly b___ton so it will be all baby there.


britt_m - March 8

Most people still can't tell I'm pregnant, 26+ weeks. If I wear a more form fitting shirt then it's more noticable. Good luck, I hope you get a cute baby bumb, hopefully sooner than me, lol.


squished - March 8

I'm almost 21w and a couple of weeks ago I got up and BAM I had a baby belly. The other day for the first time a woman I didn't know asked me when I was due. AHHHHH......I couldn't believe it! It was pretty cool actually!


sammykjo - March 9

Thanks ladies...your comments really helped. This is my first pregnancy...well, I had a m/c at 9 1/2 weeks in Sept., but aside from that. I have actually bought a few pairs of maternity pants...the kind you can wear 0-9 months...just because they are more comfortable. Even with just this bloating, tight jeans, especially, are so not comfortable. I guess I am excited to start showing...makes things seem even more real!


moescrilla - March 9

I was never big with my first son - but now, at 14 weeks, someone I didnt know asked me when I was due. I think it was mostly because I had a maternity shirt on though. I was about 20 weeks with my son when someone I didnt know asked me when I was due.


Shannon - March 10

well, everyone shows at different times. i suppose that's an ok rule of thumb lol i'm 16 weeks along and i think i'm showing a bit but it's hard to tell under all my fat! lol



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