Question Re 1st OB Appointment

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alicef - July 24

Hi ladies...just a quick question for those who have a second to reply!! When was your 1st Obstetrician appointment? I have been told I can't see the OB that delivered my firstborn and that I can't be seen by a "new" doctor until 20+ weeks. THANKS!!!


clindholm - July 24

That's ridiculous!!! It's usually about 8-10 weeks where I am. I was in earlier b/c of cramping. Can you tell them you're not sure of your dates or that you cramping so that they get you in? Actually, I would switch doctors if I had to wait that long. Did they at least call in an rx for your vitamins? You really are supposed to get in during the 1st trimester. How far along are you?


alicef - July 24

I'm in Canada, 14 weeks now. Had a miscarriage in December, have a bicornuate (heart shaped) uterus, and had bright red bleeding for a few days at the 12 weeks mark. My family doc has never done an internal, sent me for an US at 12 weeks-no sign of cause for bleeding. He doesn't have a doppler in the office, has offered no testing.


jenniferjo - July 24

I agree! 20 weeks is way too long to wait. I went for a pg test at 5.5 weeks at the family doc then the 1st ob appt at 10w with the first. This time I went at 6.5 weeks to my OB(b/c previous miscarriage) and have been going every 4 weeks since. I would check into other OBs in your area to see about getting in sooner. If you are from Northern Oklahoma, I can recommend 2 good ones.


apple - July 24

Wow, I think you should call some other clinics in your city or find a midwife maybe? I'm not sure, but 20 weeks is a long time to wait, especially because you have a heart shaped uterus!


FlyBear - July 29

Wow, I thought I was having to wait forever. I'm 12 weeks and my first OB app is next week, although I've already seen his u/s technician to get my u/s.


JNFR614 - August 3

WHAT? Blood work & tests & ultrasounds to comfirm size & dates are done way before 20 weeks. I went in to confirm the pregnancy at 5 weeks & had my 1st ultra sound at 7 weeks & had my 1st "official" o.b. appt. at 8 weeks- is there another dr. you could look into going to? Good luck & congrats.


Teddyfinch - August 4

alice: ok if you had bleeding, he should have had you in the office asap. i would say find a new doctor. the lazy bum (sorry i'm protective. i had a terrible doctor at first too). i hope you feel better!



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