Questions About The 12 Week Scan

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Mom2be_UK - November 23

Hi Ladies, i have my 12 week scan approaching and figured the ladies in this forum would be better equiped to answer my question! What happens at the 12 week scan? i mean obviously i know the basics that they check for- a heartbeat, twins, confirm dates etc, but what else happens? how long are you in there? Whats the policy on scan photo's, do you have to ask for them/pay for them? anthing you guys can tell me would be much appreciated, just so i know what to expect-as you can tell this is my first baby!


Katie - November 23

I would like to know that to


lou - November 23

I went for my scan last week - my first baby too!!!! It was really exciting - first of all make sure you drink your 1.5 pts of water so they can see things more clearly - although I did do this we got taken 20 minutes late and I thought I was going to pee my pants!!! I got really emotional seeing my baby on the screen for the first time I started blubbing!! - it makes everything so real! Yes they do all the checks you mentioned - My Husband was there too - and he was amazed at how clear it was. We were only in the scan room for about 10 minutes - got our picture!!!! I have it in a frame !! I think every hosp. is different regarding if you pay and copies etc. - just ask - I found out I was 2 weeks further on than I thought. It's a fab feeling can't wait on my next scan - take care x


maya - November 23

hi. yeah. I think every doctor/hospital has a different procedure. I wasnt told to drink any water.. in fact he told me to be sure to pee right before so that my bladder wouldnt be full. if your bladder is full you get this black thing on the screen. (my bladder was a little full). he then proceeded to look at the baby from multiple directions. head on. sideways. etc. measure all sort of things that were important to know (to know if it may have syndromes/diseases) and then gave me 10 pictures and a video! unfortuantely videos are obsolete.. dont have a video machine.. so I'm just keeping it in case someone has a video machine. that was just about it. we saw it wiggling.. they look for that too. it was covering its face for a while. which was cute. :)


nanny - November 23

Hi this is my first baby to, went for my 12 week scan 3 weeks ago, the letter that came from the hospital with the appt on said not to drink water before the scan. I was in the room about 15 mins where we got a really good look at baby moving about ( strange as I couldnt feel anything).We had to pay for tokens at the desk and then hand them in to get the pictures, but this was also on the hospital letter. If you are worried I would call the hosp and ask them. Hope this helps and good luck xx


Lacy - November 23

Hi "mom2be_UK"! I was reading over these posts, and I think you pretty much know what to expect for the procedure, but I would say to call your hospital/doctor about whether or not to drink water, because my doc said I needed a full depends on the type of ultrasound machine they are using. So, double check before you go, because it is uncomfortable having a full bladder when you dont have to. Good luck!


lou - uk - November 24

hi i posted first response and I was told by letter to drink the water.. yes it was uncomfortable to hold in and not pee! so it would wise to phone first to check - when do you go for scan?


Carmen - November 24

everytime I go the tec say to empty my bladder its to full so its harder to see I only drink 500 ml water bottle and they say I had to much so last time I just had my morn coffee and didnt pee for 1/2 hr and all was good the water is kinda outdated they told me .


Mum2be_uk - November 24

Hi guys and thanks for all your comments and advice! When i booked teh scan they did say make sure you have a full bladder, my scan is on the 9th december, i'm really excited but constantly bugging myself with 'what ifs' i'm sure you know the kind!



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