Quick But Painful Stomach Pains

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lala7 - October 15

I'm 17 weeks 2 days. The other night I woke up and felt this really sharpish kind of pain in my right side - it kind of felt like lightning if that makes sense. It only lasted a few seconds but was the worst type of cramping I've felt since pregnancy. Then, just a moment ago I felt it again but this time it was more on my left side/towards the middle and didn't last as long. Does anyone have any idea what this is???


Happymommy - October 15

It sounds like it could be round ligament pain, caused by the ligaments stretching to accommodate your growing uterus. Does it kind of feel like when you have a charlie horse in your leg, but only a few seconds?


pomny143 - October 15

OMG, I've been having the same thing. It is mainly on my right side by my ovary. I don't have any real clue as to what it is either. Thanks for asking that question. I was kinda curious myself.


Chris1975 - October 16

Hey lala! How you going :) Im now 19wks 4 days and I can tell you, i have had exactly what you had , especially around 2 weeks ago...I still get little tweaks of pain here and there, but not as often as i was....but am not worried as I had my u/s last friday (its a boy!!) and all is well :) Its just ligament pain from my little boy growing! hee hee. Its especially painful if i get outa bed quickly , or sit up quickly, or sneeze. It comes and goes for me every few weeks :) Hope ur doing well!


lala7 - October 16

Thanks for the responses - yeah I was wondering if it might be round ligament pain or something. Yeah, I suppose it kind of does feel like that happymommy - I'm only thankful that it only lasts a few seconds! Can't imagine what labour's going to be like! Congratulations on the boy Chris!! Do you have any idea of names yet?


Chris1975 - October 16

Thanks Lala - yea we think hes going to be Harrison James..we chose that name about a year ago for our first born son, but kept changing between James Harrison and Harrison James, but now Harrison J is on the cards! hehe


Gemini_Girl - October 20

I know how you feel its sore! I went to the docs with it as its so sore to walk, I can barely walk around the supermarket, she said its ligaments but if it gets really bad might need to consider physio therapy eeek! Im only 24wks I am ma__sive, I just hope it doesnt get any worse the bigger you get - does anyone know if it does get worse?


Graveyard_Nurse - October 21

Most definately Round Ligament Pain...Mine continues down into my groin...The round ligament follows the line of a VERY high cut bathingsuit....


ROBYN - October 21

OMG finally an answer i had been getting those on and off mainly on my right side by the ovary and its a quick lightening like pain but no cramping and then it goes away kinda stops me in my tracks. So its RLP. Thank you. I am 20 weeks.



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