Quick Spasms

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K - February 4

quick kind of spasm feelin around the middle and bottome of the tummy ....has anyone else felt these,and are they the baby moving around or kicking?


K - February 5

Anyone know the answer??????


Anne - February 5

I think they may be Braxton Hicks contractions. Are they painful or do they just involve a tightening feeling? I'm experiencing Braxton Hicks at 21 weeks. I also get a small spasm if I turn over too quickly in bed. I think that has to with my round ligaments. I'm not sure if this helps. Maybe someone else can add more.


lidia - February 5

do they feel like almost electric shocks and not really like the baby kicking?


K - February 5

i dont know how to explain theem exactly...i just know that first time i started feeling them i placed my hand there and felt an actual kick but i think i am also haveing the BRaxton hick...thought it seems a little way too early,seeing as im only 19 weeks?? and with my first baby


K - February 5

the spasms are somtimes a little painfull but not too much..jus lastnight when my bf and i were driving and accidently went over the speed bump i felt the spasms twice...i also feel pressure or like a light pulling feeling at the top of my uterus usually to one side though...dont know doctor wouldnt say much about them when i asked..


Summer - February 5

Wow.. that sounds like the same thing I felt. I am only 18 weeks pregnant, and the other day, I was laying on my side, and felt these little fast "kicks" at what seemed like the top of my uterus?? It was so weird!! It felt like kicking, but they were too fast for a kick you know? The only thing I can describe it by, is... you know when you get the little twitch in your eye?.. Thats exactly what it felt like. It was so weird!! Kinda like a shock I guess. But, it happened a few times that night, and not since then.. =) ??


Amanda N - February 6

I am 28 weeks and feel those a lot as well. I have read some things that say you can feel the baby having hiccups, so I a__sumed that is what it they are. They say the hiccups are quick rhythmic "movements". If anyone has any ideas I would be interested as well. But I do feel the tightening, Braxton Hicks. And then the fun round ligaments, sharp quick "pain". Just thought I would offer what I feel as well.



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