Randy Or Zachary

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Renee - January 18

We just found out we are having a BOY! so, tell me We're starting to talk names now....and I need some outside opinions. Tell me what you think of each of these names. (Why you like them, dislike them, what they make you think of, etc) Thanks in advance RANDY OR ZACHARY


Karoline - January 18

I like the name Zachary better b/c I always thought it sounds really nice. I am not crazy about the name Randy, but it is your child and I am sure some people don't like the names I choose.


Ba8y6irl - January 18

I like Zachary because it can be shortformed into Zack where Randy would sound weird Rand... lol I just like Zachary better... now I like Randi for a girl... with an i of course


Jen - January 18

I think Randy sounds sort of trashy. Randy's in movies are always missing teeth and spitting tobacco. (Since you asked what they make us think of!) Zachary sounds a little smarter and more cla__sy.


ShellyC - January 18

First off, congrats! I definitely like Zachary better - to answer your question about what it makes me think of though - it makes me think of Zack Morris from Saved By the Bell :)


Nita - January 18

I like Zachary just like the rest of the posts. Why I like it over Randy? I think it just sounds much better!


lilylee - January 18

Zachary..for sure!!


Shell - January 18

Zachary, its lovely.


Tess - January 18

I like Randy.....coz I have a cousin named Randy. I dont mind Zachary n-name would be Zach...I just think Randy sounds sweet...


livdea - January 18

Well my nephews name is zach and everyone seems to be calling their kid zack nowadays. So I really like Randy it's strong and not so common.


Gem - January 19

I prefer Zachary and I think that Zac is cute for short. I don't dislike Randy but I think this name could give other kids a reason to name call.


Kay - January 20

In Australia, randy means "turned on" or "h__y", so Zachary is the obvious choice for me - but hey, you aren't in Australia so that reason doesn't matter.



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