Really Bad Abdominal Pains

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SE - July 12

Is the stretching and aching in your abdomin uncomfortable or actually painful? I have had constant pain for four days now and it is worrying me (I am 21 weeks). I called the doctors' office yesterday and the nurse said pains are normal unless I thought they were so bad that I should come into the office. !!!! That's what I called her to find out! The pain does feel like stretching but should it be this bad? I think I'll go in tomorrow just to be safe but I'm curious if the rest of you are experiencing the stretching as discomfort or downright pain.


NG - July 12

Hi I am 23 weeks ( second pregnancy) when my abominal area is streching I get short pain on and off for 5 mins. It is not too uncomfotable. I would see a doctor if the pain does not go away, I have read that pain should not be constant at all. at this stage in your pregnancy.


m - July 12

yes, sometimes it is painful. Not like the sharp pains that I experience before rising in the morning ... those are sharp, but only last for about 15minutes. At other times it's a pain that's tolerable but is there for almost most of the day. Sitting down, laying down seems to help, then it goes away. Can't say they've lasted 4 days though. Have you had any other stretching cramps prior to that pain? Sometimes the cramps can leave you feeling sore. Maybe you were doing something that brought it on, like rising out of the bed, yard work, house cleaning.


GD - July 12

Have you noticed if these pains are during or around tthe time you were supposed to have you period? I am 15 weeks and i have experience period like cramps that last for about 3-4 days only when my period was supposed to come. I have heard about this and i have been trying to keep in my calendar exactly when i get these pains and it has worked to help me point out that they are only arround the time i was supposed to get my period. Once those 3-4 days go away is back to normal.. no pain.


SE - July 13

Here's an update for anyone who might be having this same question. First let me say, trust your instincts, ladies. Despite the nurse's lack of concern, I saw my doctor anyway. He ordered an ultrasound of the baby and of various organs of mine. I'm happy to report that the baby is doing very well, but they found urine backing up into one of my kidneys...right where the pain has been. I haven't talked to my doctor yet so I don't really know what this means. Apparently a small amount of urine is acceptable but mine is a bit more than that. I can't even imagine how they would correct the problem if it came to that. Anyway, I just wanted to share my story. I felt stupid going in to the doctor's office for "nothing" but I'm sure glad I did.


Mary - July 14

I am also experiencing sharp pain that seems to last 15-30 minutes. It's good to read that there are other people who are experiencing what I am. I wish my doctor is more responsive, it's gotten so bad that I don't really like to call for anything because I never hear back from them. Good luck to everyone



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